Zerocalcare and Pirandello's masks for Etna Comics


Zerocalcare and Pirandello's masks for Etna Comics

Put on display, one next to the other, different and colourful. Like the infinite nuances of the human soul. They are Pirandello’s masks, protagonists, together with the famous Nobel Prize winner for literature, of the Etna Comics 2024 poster. A tribute to Luigi Pirandello signed by Zerocalcare, the first major guest of the twelfth edition of the International Festival of Comics, Games and Pop Culture , scheduled from 6 to 9 June at the Le Ciminiere exhibition center in Catania. Just as the writer and playwright from Agrigento loved to scrutinize and clear the abysses and gray areas of the human being, so Zerocalcare, present on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June at the Bao Publishing stand, knows how to put his finger on the wounds of hypocrisy, managing to give voice to that complex and impossible to fully understand mechanism that is the human soul. “After the epic with which we told the myths of Catania – states the director of Etna Comics, Antonio Mannino, presenting the initiative – we are now aiming at the great Sicilian authors, starting with our Nobel Prize winner, Luigi Pirandello.

He who, with his pioneering vision, was able to revolutionize theatrical dramaturgy and who no one could represent better than an artist like Zerocalcare. A storyteller who knows how to analyze the human soul through his characters, projections of himself. A bit like Pirandello did, but in a modern way.” “In a constantly changing world, in which communication flies frenetically like the hands of a clock that ticks time inexorably, with constantly evolving rules and methods – explain the organizers – Etna Comics therefore turns the spotlight on the Pirandellian metaphor of the mask, more relevant than ever, in a reality in which the image now seems to predominate in the social world. Where identity dematerializes and we talk about ourselves in a new way. Where the mask tends to prevail over the face and the truth is ‘one, none, one hundred thousand'”.

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