Zamora, Neri Marcorè becomes director


Zamora, Neri Marcorè becomes director

ZAMORA is the first film as director by and with Neri Marcorè, which will be in theaters from 4 April and will be premiered in competition on 17 March at the Bif&st in Bari.

It tells of thirty-year-old Walter Vismara who loves to lead an orderly life without surprises: an accountant at heart even before his profession, he works as an accountant in a small factory in Vigevano.

From one day to the next the factory closes and Vismara finds himself catapulted into a futuristic company in the vital and industrious Milan, at the service of a modern and brilliant entrepreneur, Cavaliere Tosetto.

Everything would be fine if it weren't for the fact that this guy has a passion for folber (football, according to a neologism by Gianni Brera) and forces all his employees into weekly matches between bachelors and married men.

Walter, who considers football a crazy sport, declares himself a goalkeeper only because it is the only role he knows and does not know that from that moment, in order not to lose his job, he will be forced to participate in weekly training sessions, in view of the official match of May 1st. He thus suffers teasing from his colleagues; among these, the engineer Gusperti sarcastically renames him “Zamora”, the phenomenal Spanish goalkeeper of the 1930s. Not only does that bauscia humiliate him on the pitch and bully him in the company, but there seems to be something tender between him and Ada, the secretary with whom Walter falls in love. Feeling humiliated, betrayed on one side and mocked on the other, the accountant devises a completely original plan to take revenge, involving a now disgraced ex-athlete. In football, as in life, you have to learn to throw yourself and even if you lose, what matters is getting back up and starting again stronger than before.

With Neri Marcorè, Alberto Paradossi, Marta Gastini, Anna Ferraioli Ravel, Walter Leonardi, Giovanni Esposito, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti, Pia Engleberth, Giuseppe Antignati, Pia Lanciotti, Marco Ripoldi, Dario Costa, Giulia Gonella, Alessandro Besentini,

Francesco Villa, Corinna Locastro, Massimiliano Loizzi, Davide Ferrario, Antonio Catania

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