Woody Allen’s 50th Film ‘Coup de Chance’ Is Getting a U.S. Release

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Woody Allen’s 50th Film ‘Coup de Chance’ Is Getting a U.S. Release

Woody Allen‘s latest film “Coup de Chance,” his 50th feature, is getting a U.S. release. The movie will be distributed by MPI Media Group, the company that has released Allen’s latest few films ever since allegations resurfaced that he sexually abused his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.

“Coup de Chance” will open at the Quad Cinema in New York City on April 5 (other venues will be confirmed at a later date), followed by a VOD and digital release on April 12.

MPI Media Group previously released “A Rainy Day in New York” (2020) and “Rifkin’s Festival” (2022) in the U.S. “Rainy Day” was originally meant to be released through Allen’s deal with Amazon Studios, but Amazon ultimately canceled the deal when the abuse allegations resurfaced. (Allen won a legal settlement against Amazon.) Allen has been a persona-non-grata in Hollywood, but he’s continued to make movies in Europe.

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“Coup de Chance” premiered at the Venice Film Festival last fall and has earned some of Allen’s best reviews in a decade (it has a 61 out of 100 on Metacritic). The film — whose title translates to “stroke of luck” — stars Lou de Laâge, Valérie Lemercier, Melvil Poupaud, and Niels Schneider, and tells the story of a happily married woman who begins an affair with an old friend from high school whom she bumps into. The affair makes her wonder how her life would be different had she ended up with him instead.

The film was made in France and is all in French, and it has already grossed $7.3 million across European markets. “Rifkin’s Festival” only made $2.3 million worldwide; “A Rainy Day in New York” made $23 million.

THR reported last week that “Coup de Chance” has been quietly screened for an enterprising few in the U.S. Others have watched through the illegal sharing of bootleg cuts that use AI to translate its subtitles into English.

Allen at one point suggested that “Coup de Chance” could be his final film, but he’s since walked back those comments. In a rare appearance in front of press at Venice, Allen said he would be again be willing to make films in New York if funded without notes on cast, script, or otherwise.

“Coup de Chance” was written and directed by Allen and is produced by Letty Aronson and Erika Aronson.


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