What’s standing in the way of a Supernatural reunion?


What’s standing in the way of a Supernatural reunion?

Following rumblings of a Supernatural reunion, Jared Padalecki shares the only thing standing in the way of it actually happening.

Supernatural came to a close in 2020 after fifteen seasons, which is a hell of a run for any live-action show, but fans would still love to see a reunion of the Winchesters.

There have been rumblings of a Supernatural reunion, and according to Jared Padalecki, the only thing standing in the way is time. “It’s not that I haven’t seriously considered doing it, my single answer is yes. It’s timing. It’s availability,” Padalecki said while speaking with Collider. “Jensen and I feel so strongly about our show that we had for 15 years together that we don’t wanna just do it, just to do it. We don’t wanna go, ‘Hey, I have two weeks off in June. Let’s go ahead and shoot 10 pages a day, just so we can have some more content.’

Padalecki continued, “If and when Supernatural comes back, it’s going to be a labor of love, and we’re gonna put every hour in to make sure that it’s as true to the canon and to the fandom and to the story and to the characters as possible. So, my short answer is it’s not a consideration, the answer is yes . I just don’t know when I’m available. I don’t know when he’s available. But again, my answer is yes.

The Supernatural franchise with The Winchesters, a prequel series centering on Sam and Dean’s parents, but the series was cancelled after a single season. The producers attempted to find a new home for the series, but no one was willing to pick it up, especially as the Hollywood strikes were in full swing. In a statement at the time, Jensen Ackles said: “To all of you who watched, followed, and supported this story, THANK YOU. And to all those who brought this show to life…I couldn’t be more proud of what we all did together. But as they say…timing is everything. With a massive Network shift coupled with an industry strike…welp…that’s some unfortunate timing. Sleep well dear Winchesters… until we meet again. Somewhere down the road.

In terms of a Supernatural reunion, some might say that the series lasted long enough, but the Supernatural fanbase is extremely passionate and would be more than eager to spend just a little more time with Sam and Dean.

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