Weekly poll: the best devices of MWC 2024

Aprilia Rine

Weekly poll: the best devices of MWC 2024

The 2024 Mobile World Congress is over with several exciting launches and promises of new technology to come. You can check out our MWC 2024 wrap-up post for a quick overview of events if you didn’t follow the day by day developments (or you need a refresher).

What was your favorite new device from this year’s congress? Let’s have a vote. We have divided things into categories – flagships, mid-rangers, entry level devices and miscellaneous.

Most makers announced their new flagships in December and January, but some held off until the MWC. Okay, some of these aren’t exactly new, but we’re counting the announcement of global availability.

The glamour and cutting edge tech of the flagship category aside, the mid-range may have been the most interesting category this year. Yes, €1,500+ phones have awesome hardware. But most buyers won’t spend that much. However, now even people shopping in the mid-range can afford a flip foldable or a phone with an LTPO display or one with a 108MP camera.

The entry-level segment is quite interesting too. There are oddball devices with large speakers, ones with 70W fast charging, large high refresh rate AMOLED displays, even 5G is quite common.

This is the category for things that didn’t fit elsewhere. MWC 2024 saw the launch of a smartwatch, more details on a smart ring, even new AR/XR products. Not enough to form their own category, but too interesting to skip.


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