Watch R.E.M. reunite onstage at a ‘Murmur’ tribute gig

Aprilia Rine

Watch R.E.M. reunite onstage at a ‘Murmur’ tribute gig

R.E.M. surprised fans last night by reuniting during a tribute gig celebrating their classic debut album ‘Murmur’ – see footage and images below.

All four members of the band – Michael Stipe, Bill Berry, Peter Buck and Mike Mills – made an unexpected return at the 40 Watt Club venue in their home city of Athens, Georgia yesterday (February 8).

The 460-capacity space was hosting the latest show of actor Michael Shannon and musician Jason Narducy’s current tour, which sees the pair play 1983’s ‘Murmur’ in full along with a handful of their favourite R.E.M. songs.


Video and photos have since emerged of Stipe and co. onstage together at the event. In one fan-shot clip, the frontman tells the excited audience: “Speaking on behalf of Bill and Mike and Peter, we are so fucking thrilled to be here tonight.”

Additional footage of the moment has not yet been shared. However, it is reported that the group did not perform live together.

Sharing an image of R.E.M. at the 40 Watt Club, one attendee wrote: “I’ve always wanted to go to Athens, GA for a pilgrimage in honor of the B-52s and #REM.

“My friend Mike Shannon and pals were playing all of ‘Murmur’ at the historic @40WattAthens so I decided it was the right time to go. The real surprise? All four of them showed up! 🤩🤯”

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