Viral: Malayalam Actress Lena And Gaganyaan Astronaut Loved-Up Wedding Reception Video

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Viral: Malayalam Actress Lena And Gaganyaan Astronaut Loved-Up Wedding Reception Video

Suresh Pillai shared these images. (courtesy: chef_pillai)

New Delhi:

Love is in the air as Malayalam actress Lena, recently confirmed her wedding to Captain of India’s Gaganyaan Mission Prashanth Balakrishnan Nair. On Thursday, renowned chef Suresh Pillai, who shares a close bond with the couple, took to his social media to sprinkle some congratulatory magic. In a heartwarming video from Lena and Prashanth Balakrishnan Nair’s wedding reception, the latter charmingly referred to their union as a “second inning” for both of them. Suresh Pillai posted a video on Instagram where Prashanth Balakrishnan Nair expressed gratitude to those present during their “great moments” and described their marriage as the beginning of a new chapter. “Yet, with all of you gathered here today, it feels like the beginning of a lifetime innings. Much love,” he concluded, followed by a kiss between the couple.

For the unversed, the wedding took place on January 17, but the couple kept it under wraps, likely due to Prashanth Balakrishnan Nair’s recent project. A few days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed the names of four astronauts, including Group Captain Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair. The other astronauts are Group Captains Angad Pratap, Ajit Krishnan, and Wing Commander Shubhanshu Shukla.

Lena took to her Instagram to share a glimpse of their wedding, revealing they had a traditional ceremony through an arranged marriage. In her heartfelt note, she mentioned the historic moment when Prime Minister Modi awarded the First Indian Astronaut Wings to Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair on February 27. She explained that due to confidentiality requirements, she waited for the announcement to reveal their marriage, which took place on January 17, 2024. Previously, Lena was married to Abhilash Kumar in 2004, but the couple parted ways in 2013.


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