Victoria De Angelis takes a break from Maneskin: she will play as a DJ on international tour


Victoria De Angelis takes a break from Maneskin: she will play as a DJ on international tour

Victoria De Angelis, bassist of Maneskin, takes a break from the band for a solo DJ project: after the publication of Victoria's Treat, her first set, she announced an international tour.

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Victoria De Angelis, photo by Instagram Account @vicdeangelis

After publishing the first mix on Soundcloud, Victoria De Angelis announced her first international tour as a DJ . The Maneskin bassist has opened a solo path in her career, an aspect that had also been touched on several times by frontman Damiano David, who only last December had declared in the podcast The Allison Hagendorf Show: ” I would like one day all of us to we could dedicate ourselves to a solo project for perhaps a year , before coming back together with new ideas and new stimuli .” And the choice of Victoria De Angelis does not seem at all linked to a farewell to the band , although some users on He will take his first mix, Victoria's Treat, around the United States and Europe: for now there is no date for Italian fans , who will have to settle for traveling to France, Spain or Germany for the closest dates.

From the first set on Soundcloud to the international DJ tour

This time the solitary protagonist of the stage and console will be Victoria, who has outlined the musical journey of her set with Victoria's Treat . If visually, through the cover of the playlist, we can observe a pair of pink panties with the musician's name and stars, musically the singer travels from The Function by €uro Tra$h & Yellow Claw to 1, 2 Step by Ciara & Missy Elliot passing through Dinero facil by CRRDR and Make That Bounce by Justin Jay. The announcement of the release of the set with which he could perform during his live tour has arrived on his Instagram profile: ” My first mix is now available on SoundCloud. Go show it some love and remember to jump. I hope you like it .” Only a few hours later came the announcement of the world tour, which will begin on March 16th in Leeds, United Kingdom , before flying to the United States, where I will pass through big cities such as Miami, Chicago, Brooklyn. In her Instagram post announcing the tour, Victoria wrote: ” You better show up to my first ever DJ TOUR. I can't wait to bring some of my sound and mayhem around – secure yours things and get ready to jump to heaven . See you, I love you .”

Where and when Victoria de Angelis will play as a DJ

Here are the dates of the Victoria DJ Tour:

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  • 16/03 Leeds, UK – The Warehouse
  • 03/20 Miami, FL – Toejam Studios With AKSports
  • 03/21 Hialeah, USA – Factory Town With AKSports
  • 03/22 Chicago, USA – Smoke & Mirrors With AKSports
  • 03/23 Brooklyn, NY – House Of Yes With AKSports
  • 03/29 Istanbul, Turkey – UNIQ Box
  • 30/03 Sofia, Bulgaria – NDK Hall
  • 11/04 Vilnius, Lithuania – Fabrikas Loftas Menu
  • 12/04 Riga, Latvia – First Club
  • 13/04 Tallinn, Estonia – Helitehas
  • 19/04 Skøpje, North Macedonia – Mala Stanica
  • 04/20 Bucharest, Romania – Quantic
  • 27/04 Brussels, Belgium – Hangar Festival
  • 04/05 Manchester, UK – Hidden
  • 05/05 Dublin, Ireland – Outset Festival
  • 10/05 Nantes, France – Warehouse
  • 11/05 Barcelona, Spain – Nitsa
  • 24/05 Fort St Elmo, Malta – XXL Malta
  • 25/05 Umag, Croatia – Sea Star Festival
  • 31/05 Berlin, Germany – Anomalie Art Club


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