Green light from the CDM for the new Pnrr, tightening for those who miss the targets


Green light from the CDM for the new Pnrr, tightening for those who miss the targets

Substitute powers and refund of sums for those who do not meet the targets. But also inspections, the fight against fraud, more coordination and commissioners to guarantee the grounding of the works. It is the change of pace with which the government aims to accelerate the works of the Pnrr. This is foreseen by the new and awaited decree on the plan, launched by the Council of Ministers, with which the executive aims to “start a phase of overall responsibility”, underlines Minister Raffaele Fitto, for the subjects called to participate in the spending of the Pnrr.

The provision, which arrives in the Council of Ministers after a series of postponements, is the result of “very complex, detailed work, both from the point of view of the financial dimension and of the rules that will contribute to an acceleration of spending and a simplification”, he explains in Fitto press conference, which reassures about the works resulting from the Plan (the decree “finances them all”) and thanks the owner of the Mef Giancarlo Giorgetti for the “intense” work of the last few weeks.

Remembering that ahead are the verification of the fifth installment and the “two objectives for 2024”, which are the sixth and seventh instalments. The additional investments foreseen by the new post-revision Pnrr, equal to approximately 25 billion, are covered for 15 billion with additional contributions assigned for RepowerEU (approximately 2.76 billion), additional subsidies deriving from the revaluation of the GDP (0.14 billion), defunding of measures of the old Pnrr (approximately 7 billion), savings on measures of the old Pnrr (approximately 2.98 billion), resources deriving from the inclusion in the Plan of projects already financed under current legislation (2 billion); over 9 billion derive from the remodulations of the spending authorizations specifically indicated in the decree.

From the point of view of the rules, which range from governance to administrative simplification, from sport to justice, from digitalisation to infrastructure, the decree imposes a real clampdown on the implementing bodies of the Plan. Here comes the possibility of activating replacement powers in the event that there is a misalignment between the timetables and the data communicated to the Regis IT system. Furthermore, if the EU Commission verifies “the failure or incomplete achievement of the objectives”, the obligation to return the amounts received is triggered.

A series of commissioners is also arriving: there will be some for university accommodation, on the proposal of Minister Anna Maria Bernini, to achieve the Pnrr's objective of 60,000 beds for students by June 2026 ; another will take care of more quickly recovering the assets confiscated from the mafias; finally a commissioner will have the task of combating the exploitation of workers in agriculture . The decree, which in the latest draft has 49 articles, also incorporates measures for the prevention and fight against irregular work and is configured as a sort of 'omnibus' , with a series of micro-regulations from the bonus for those who hire non-self-sufficient elderly people over eighty, upon the arrival of the digital wallet up to the exclusion of government bonds from the ISEE calculation for beneficiaries of the inclusion allowance (a rule which would have been removed in the final version). With the decree also comes a boost to digital health including artificial intelligence and the long-awaited Transition Plan 5.0, which allocates 6.3 billion for tax credits to businesses. It will also be easier to recruit and stabilize judicial staff. Measures that are welcomed with caution by the social partners. “Now there are no more excuses”, comments the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, who highlights the delays on Transition 5.0: “we have lost a year”. The concerned CGIL denounces the “betrayal” of the employment commitment for young people and women. For Uil it is “a shell game to find the money for defunded projects”.

Calderone: let's implement the national plan to fight undeclared work, 800 labor inspectors are arriving

“We implement the national plan to fight undeclared work 2023-2025, with an approach of the three Cs: controls, enforcement and compliance”. This was underlined by the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Marina Calderone, in a press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers, which gave the green light to the rules on safety at work in the Pnrr decree, “a complex decree due to the extent of the rules “. On controls, Calderone highlights that “we are deploying additional resources to strengthen the activity of the National Labor Inspectorate”, which will result in a total of almost 800 more inspectors and this “operation will lead to doubling the number of INL technical inspectors in staff and therefore inspections”.

“After 16 years we are introducing the points-based driving license which we will develop with the support of the social partners and construction trade organisations , with the aim of growing this path and introducing other activities”. The Minister of Labor and Social Policies underlines this, “specific attention” is placed on construction sites.

“To combat the illicit supply of manpower, we are reintroducing the criminal sanction” in the case of “improper use of the service contract or secondment” of personnel. This was confirmed by the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Marina Calderone. The crime was decriminalized in 2016.

“We are also inserting a path to accompany regularisations: those who spontaneously comply with obligations will be entitled to a reduction in civil penalties, but never on debts for premiums and contributions, those must be paid in full”.

To know more ANSA Agency The points-based license arrives on construction sites. Cgil-Uil clash – News – The “credit” license for construction sites arrives. It will be operational from October 1st: irregularities and injuries – depending on the severity – will cause the initial score to decrease. More inspectors and sanctions are in the field (ANSA)

Piantedosi's information: 'In Pisa the demonstrators refused mediation'

For the PIsa demonstration “no notice had been given to the police headquarters, which, having received news of it, tried several times to contact the organizers to obtain information regarding the type of initiative that would be carried out and the relative route but in vain . During the march, the same demonstrators did not want to provide information on where they were headed and avoided repeated attempts at mediation by Digos personnel , trying, despite the warnings from the service manager and the express request and repeated not to go to Piazza dei Cavalieri, to force the blockade of the police force and deliberately come into contact with the mobile units”. This was reported – we learn – by the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, in his briefing to the CDM. “Both in Florence and Pisa, the incidents occurred in the presence of demonstrations in which the participants attempted to overcome the barrier of the police forces to protect sensitive objectives” explained Matteo Piantedosi, in his information in CDM. In particular, in Florence, “the demonstrators notified the police headquarters about the initiative only 24 hours before its start. During the march, after having lit numerous smoke bombs and defaced a commercial business, they tried to reach the US Consulate General , already the subject of an arson attack on February 2nd, not respecting what was communicated in the notice regarding the place of conclusion of the demonstration. In this attempt, the demonstrators tried several times to break through the security cordon placed to protect the 'sensitive objective'.

The videos shot by Digos during the demonstration in Pisa “are currently available to the judiciary and cannot be disclosed. The service reports and the video-photographic material will be examined by the Department of Public Security to verify in depth what happened” . This was reported – we learn – by the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, in his briefing to the CDM.

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