Verstappen does an encore in the Arabian GP, Red Bull one-two with Perez 2nd: Leclerc on the podium, Bearman 7th


Verstappen does an encore in the Arabian GP, Red Bull one-two with Perez 2nd: Leclerc on the podium, Bearman 7th


Max Verstappen also wins the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix . The Dutch driver won the second race of the 2024 World Championship. Verstappen preceded Perez and Leclerc, who still brings Ferrari to the podium. Red Bull scores another double. The race of the debutant Oliver Bearman was extraordinary, the eighteen year old finished 7th .

The start is the only danger for Verstappen who rudely slams the door in the face of Leclerc, who with great skill holds his position on Perez, who then slips it and passes. Nothing happens behind it. Bearman starts well, immediately battles with Tsunoda. Gasly retires after one lap due to gearbox problems. The riders maintain their pace and positions, without jerks. Stroll crashes on lap 7. The Canadian destroys his Aston Martin and the Safety Car comes out.

Everyone stops except Norris and Hamilton, who when they start again are first and third. Between them is Max, who after spending two laps in second place attacks Lando and passes him. Perez suffers a five-second penalty for unsafe release. The Mexican gets rid of Hamilton and then Norris and is one – two Red Bulls well before halfway through the race. Leclerc also overtakes Lewis and gets behind Norris, who defends himself despite still having the same tyres. As well as Hamilton who kept Piastri’s fury at bay.

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There is a fight behind it, because tenth position is open to everyone. While in the ninth, after a double overtaking, Bearman takes it , first passing Tsunoda and then Hulkenberg. The eighteen-year-old who replaces Sainz immediately made it clear that he has what it takes.

On lap 27 Leclerc gets rid of Norris, clean overtaking on the straight and third place, chasing Perez. In reality nothing happens. The race experiences phases of real boredom in the top ten , except for the usual duel between Piastri and Hamilton. While there is a fight behind but there are no points up for grabs, the overtaking by Magnussen and Albon remain valuable.

When Hamilton and Norris go into the pits you think there might be a bit of excitement, but that’s not the case. They don’t shine and they don’t go to get Ollie Bearman, who maintains a fantastic seventh position, obtained ahead of two compatriots with another CV.

Verstappen gets his 56th success in Formula 1 , Perez in second gives Red Bull a double which thus erases the controversy at least for a while. Ferrari on the podium after Bahrain, but this time Leclerc is there. Fourth Piastri, then Alonso and Russell. Hulkenberg is tenth and in points.


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