Green in Rome, in the capital '100 parks in 10 years': the first 16 financed, budget of 142 million


Green in Rome, in the capital '100 parks in 10 years': the first 16 financed, budget of 142 million
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Greenery, trees, shared flowerbeds, urban gardens. This is the objective of the “100 parks for Rome” plan presented at the Campidoglio a few days ago as a measure to combat climate change, integration and social cohesion for which 142 million euros have been allocated.

“The environmental fabric must be an increasingly integral part of Rome – explains Mayor Roberto Gualtieri – Our objective is that parks are a primary right of citizens. In the last two years we have given them back 7 green areas, but we want to do more” . This is echoed by the Environment Councilor Sabrina Alfonsi : “There must be more greenery even in the suburbs: increasing the green quota in all quadrants of the capital helps to fight so-called environmental inequalities “.

The two phases of construction of the hundred parks

The creation of the first 50 is expected by the end of the council term, in 2026. The others in a hypothetical second mandate. For the 100 parks, in the meantime, 142 million have already been calculated, 63 of which will be invested for a first phase, which concerns 21 different areas. Sixteen, however, were the projects financed with 35 million: by the end of the year 14 will see the end of the awarding procedures, while for the Tre Fontane Park , in the VIII Municipality, and that of Villa Flora , in the XII Municipality, the redevelopment works.

Among the most significant projects is the one that aims to redevelop and enhance the Aqueduct Park (in the opening photo) in the VII Municipality, at a cost of 7.7 million euros, which plans to move the squares and sports and recreational areas towards Via Lemonia , the equipment and the main route, leaving more greenery under the archaeological remains. Furthermore, the kilometer of legality dedicated to the victims of the mafia in the Romanina Park in the VI Municipality still needs to be completed. And at the Prenestino Village, in via Marcello Candia, a large tree-lined garden square will be created connected to the Save the Children “Punto Luce” play area.

Not just parks

Not only parks, but also urban gardens and shared flowerbeds . It is with the creation of these new areas dedicated to the environment that the capital wants to directly involve citizens. In some areas, kiosks are also planned to be set up to offer more services and light sources, which will contribute to giving greater safety to those crossing the area.


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