Valentine’s Day 2024: Asked About Her Plans, Rashmika Mandanna’s Reply Was This

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Valentine’s Day 2024: Asked About Her Plans, Rashmika Mandanna’s Reply Was This
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Rashmika Mandanna shared this image. (courtesy: rashmika_mandanna)

New Delhi:

Rashmika Mandanna decided to interact with her fans on X (earlier known as Twitter). She asked her fans about their Valentine’s Day plans. The actress was also asked if she has any plans for the day. “Hey there! Sending you lots of positive vibes! Totally understand the busy times – take care of yourself first. As for me, just the usual hustle. Valentine’s Day plans? Probably a cozy night in with some good food and movies. How about you,” a user asked the Pushpa actress. She replied, “Hmm.. haven’t yet thought about tomorrow’s plans .. but I think pretty much the same thing as you.”

Check out Rashmika Mandanna’s reply here:

Another user asked Rashmika, “What is your plan for tomorrow ma’am. We decided to do a mass bunk for Valentine’s Day. Are actors and actresses or any cinema artist doing a mass bunk on Valentine’s Day as college students do?” To this, Rashmika replied, “Tough re. I wish we could but ones you take up a film a lot of responsibilities come with it as well.”

Ahead of the session, Rashmika Mandanna shared these pictures on X and she gave a clear memo – “mean ones keep away please.” She wrote, “Just checking in with you guyssss. Sorry for being MIA. Work has been super duper hectic and I’ve just been a litttttlllleeee unwell. But dropping in to quickly check on you guys.. Coz I miss you all so much. It’s been a while since we last spoke na? Tell me what all have you been upto? I wanna know everything and tell me your Valentine’s Day plans. (Yes I will read through the comments ) and all the mean ones keep away please.. This is only for my loves.”

Rashmika Mandanna is rumoured to be dating her Geetha Govindam co-star Vijay Deverakonda. The actor recently addressed the rumours of his engagement to Rashmika Mandanna, in an interview with Lifestyle Asia. The actor clarified that he is not getting married or engaged in February. “I’m not getting engaged or married in February. It feels like the press just wants to get me married every two years. I hear this rumour every year. They’re just walking around waiting to catch me and get me married,” Vijay Deverakonda said. The rumours started doing the rounds when a report by News18 Telugu stated that Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna will make an announcement regarding their engagement in the second week of February.


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