La Sapienza University, student interrupts the lesson and shows a sign: "I don't feel safe"


La Sapienza University, student interrupts the lesson and shows a sign: "I don't feel safe"

They stood up during class and held up a sign on which they wrote: “I don't feel safe.” It happened in the classrooms of Sapienza. The teachers interrupted the lesson and invited them to speak. And a teacher announces that the lesson on Friday 8th will end early: “So you can all go to the procession.”

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She stood up during class and held up a purple sign that read, ” I don't feel safe .” It happened yesterday at Sapienza University, in Rome, where a student showed the sign to interrupt the lesson.

“At first the teacher pretended not to be able to understand what was written on the poster – a student explains to – Then he started to discredit our message. He said that such a sign points to anyone, but that we're not actually all involved . And that's where we're wrong. Gender violence is a structural problem. And involved, whether they like it or not, we all are .”

After the interrupted sociology class, the same scene played out during a history class in the Political Science department. “Here the approach was totally different – he underlines – At the beginning the teacher hadn't even noticed the poster. She was reading on the computer. When she saw it she decided to stop the lesson and invited the girl to sit at the desk with her : it was from there that, microphone in hand, she was able to explain her reasons. Then she informed the entire room that the lesson on Friday 8 March would end early to allow everyone to go to the procession , at 9.15 instead of 10″.

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