Kills ex's mother and sister, financier arrested


Kills ex's mother and sister, financier arrested

He pointed his service pistol at his ex-girlfriend's mother and sister, exploding a series of shots, while she managed to escape the massacre by running away amid the gunfire. On the eve of Valentine's Day, a double femicide took place in Cisterna di Latina, probably due to a quarrel that broke out between a 27-year-old financier and his partner. The man, Cristian Sodano, did not accept the end of the relationship with Desyrée Amato, aged 22.
According to an initial reconstruction, in the afternoon the soldier arrived at the ex's house immersed in the countryside and the argument began there in front of the other two women, who probably intervened to defend the 22-year-old. Then the man opened fire killing Renée Amato, 19 years old, and her mother Nicoletta Zomparelli, 49 years old. Desyrée started running, taking refuge in the bathroom and locking herself from the inside.
At that point he walked away while upon their arrival at the house the police found the bodies of the two women with the young survivor hidden in a corner in shock. By tragic chance, the name of the neighborhood where the murders took place – which occurred on the eve of Valentine's Day – is the 'San Valentino' area.

To know more ANSA Agency Many murders with service weapons, six years ago another in Cisterna – News – The double murder in Cisterna di Latina is not the only episode in which a soldier has committed in a family or emotional environment with own service pistol. (HANDLE)

The 27-year-old, who in the meantime was trying to return home, was finally tracked down by the flying squad officers in the Q4 neighborhood near a relative's home. The soldier, originally from Minturno (near Formia), was on duty in Ostia. Together with her sister Renée she had a passion for dancing.

The murdered girl had also won prizes while their mother worked in a real estate agency. According to what we learn, the uncle of the two young women, Gennaro Amato, has been involved since the early 1990s in investigations into international drug trafficking, even suffering a leg injury.

On the social profiles of the victims there are several photos showing them on holiday together with relatives and friends, as well as many images of the dance contests in which the two girls participated.
The double murder in Cisterna di Latina is not the only episode in which a soldier committed a crime in a family or emotional context with his service pistol.

In 2018 – again in Cisterna di Latina – Luigi Capasso, a police officer on duty in Velletri, shot his wife from whom he was separating, seriously wounding her, and killed his two daughters before committing suicide.
One of the most recent episodes of this type took place last June 2023, when Pier Paola Romano, a 58-year-old policewoman, was shot dead in Rome in the entrance hall of her house by one of her colleagues, Massimiliano Carpineti: after having fired upon her, the man pointed his service pistol at himself and finished it off.

Four years ago in Vairano Patenora, in the Caserta area, on 15 November, a finance marshal Marcello de Prata, aged 52, killed his 45-year-old wife and her sister-in-law Rosanna Laurenza, 43, sister of the victim and sister-in-law of the murderer, for then commit suicide. The man was against the separation and had recently received the news that the hearing before the judge had been scheduled. He killed by firing fifteen shots with his service pistol after entering the two women's family stationery shop.

Her in-laws were also seriously injured. In Cersosimo, also in 2018, in the Potentino area, a 41-year-old security guard instead shot his 30-year-old wife, who had decided to leave him. The woman was killed instantly a few meters from the primary school where her seven-year-old son had entered shortly before. After killing his wife, Angela Ferrara, Vincenzo Valicenti sat on some steps and committed suicide.

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