Trump wins on Super Tuesday, Haley throws in the towel


Trump wins on Super Tuesday, Haley throws in the towel

With a “historic” success, Donald Trump also wins on Super Tuesday, clearly winning 14 out of 15 states and remaining the only Republican candidate for the White House. His rival Nikky Haley, after having surprisingly snatched her second success in liberal Vermont, gives in to mathematics and throws in the towel by withdrawing from the race but without giving her endorsement to the tycoon. Joe Biden also has his fill of delegates, despite the embarrassing defeat in the Samoa Islands which, as in 2020 with Michael Bloomberg, rewarded another outsider: the unknown financier Jason Palmer. Super Tuesday of American politics thus decrees the end of the race for the White House and the re-edition of a duel that the majority of Americans do not like, and not only due to the age of the contenders. The tycoon already has 1,053 delegates, of which 777 received in this round: between 12 and 19 March he expects to reach the 1,215 needed to claim the nomination and be crowned at the July convention. In the meantime, he will be able to concentrate all the party's resources in the challenge against Biden, even if he is courting Elon Musk to fill the financial gap and face his astronomical legal costs. The president, who has practically no real rivals (Dean Phillips left today guaranteeing him his support), has already gained 1,556 delegates out of the 1,968 needed. But what definitively paved the way for the 'rematch' was Haley's move, which suspended her campaign even though she did not formally withdraw: thus she will continue to hold delegates and influence donors. “It's time to leave,” she announced, speaking from her Charleston headquarters, where she congratulated Trump but did not endorse him. “It's up to him to earn the votes of my voters”, he warned, quoting Margaret Thatcher, after reminding him that the unity of the Republican Party he desired cannot be achieved with words. He then underlined the abyss that separates them in foreign policy, reiterating that “it is a moral imperative to stand alongside our allies in Ukraine too”. “I have no regrets and I will not stop using my voice,” he promised, denouncing a Congress “full of followers but not leaders.” It remains to be understood how Haley intends to move and influence the campaign. He certainly doesn't want to burn his political ambitions and this is perhaps why, although he recently intensified his attacks on the tycoon, he did not attack his lies and attempts to subvert the elections, which culminated in the violent assault on Congress. After all, the party is now backing the former president or bowing to his inevitable candidacy. Like the leader of the Republican senators Mitch McConnell, who after Haley's withdrawal announced his support for a leader who tried to take him out and with whom he has not spoken since the attack on the Capitol. Meanwhile, Trump and Biden are raising the bar on their mutual attacks and competing for the voters of the former UN ambassador, who also demonstrated on Super Tuesday that she knows how to catalyze the vote of moderates and independents, which is crucial in swing states for winning the elections . The tycoon invited them to “join the largest movement in the history of our nation” but did not stop criticizing Haley, claiming that “much of her money came from radical left Democrats, as did many of her voters, almost 50% according to polls.” Accusations that the president was happy with: “Trump has made it clear that he doesn't want Haley's supporters, but there is room for them in my campaign. I know there are many things we won't agree on. But On fundamental issues such as preserving American democracy, upholding the rule of law, treating each other with decency, dignity and respect, preserving NATO, and standing up to America's adversaries, I hope and believe we can find common ground.” However, Biden must also win back the Arab protest vote for Gaza, which on Super Tuesday reached almost 20% in Minnesota: it certainly won't help him to arrive at the State of the Union speech on Thursday evening without any results on the ceasefire and liberation of the hostages. Meanwhile, he accused Trump of acting “motivated by revenge” and wanting to “destroy American democracy, strip away fundamental freedoms (such as abortion) and approve another huge tax cut for the rich”. “You are the worst president in US history”, replied the tycoon from Mar-a-Lago in a bitter celebration (Melania and her children were absent on stage), marked by a dark and apocalyptic victory speech: his version of the current state of the union.

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