Near tragedy in Lecce, school bus full of children gets stuck between the bars of the level crossing


Near tragedy in Lecce, school bus full of children gets stuck between the bars of the level crossing

The school bus driver was suspended and subjected to toxicological tests. He attempted to cross the level crossing despite the red light and the bars that were lowering.

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Tragedy almost occurred two mornings ago in Copertino , in the province of Lecce, where a school bus full of children from the Strafella comprehensive school got stuck between the tracks of a level crossing during the closing of the barriers for the transit of trains.

On the vehicle, photographed by motorists beyond the traffic lights, you can clearly see the children standing, evidently very worried that a convoy would soon pass by. The photo immediately went around the web, triggering furious reactions among parents and beyond. The driver, suspended from service, was subjected to toxicological tests .

But what happened on Friday morning? According to an initial reconstruction, having arrived near the level crossing, the driver of the school bus with dozens of children on board, perhaps due to a very complicated turning maneuver at that point or perhaps because he would not have noticed the red traffic light indicating the At the beginning of the lowering of the barriers and of the acoustic signals, he still attempted to cross. However, after passing the first barrier, he was unable to pass the next one , stopping in the middle of the tracks.

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Fortunately, the alarm about the school bus stuck on the tracks was immediately raised at the train station, which blocked the incoming train headed for Nardò. In the meantime, given the seriousness of the episode, the mayor of the Salento municipality, Sandrina Schito, immediately took action against the driver, for whom disciplinary proceedings were initiated, with suspension from office. Another driver will replace him in the school transport service, pending the results of all the investigations, including toxicological tests.


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