The Truth Behind Divya Khossla Dropping “Kumar” Surname From Instagram Bio

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The Truth Behind Divya Khossla Dropping “Kumar” Surname From Instagram Bio
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A throwback picture of Divya Khossla and Bhushan Kumar

New Delhi:

Actress Divya Khossla sparked divorce rumours when she removed her husband Bhushan Kumar’s surname from her Instagram bio. Bhushan Kumar is the managing director of music label and film production company, T-Series. However, a spokesperson from T-Series has clarified that Divya Khossla removed Bhushan Kumar’s surname due to “astrological beliefs.” In a press release, the spokesperson stated, “Divya Khossla’s decision to remove her married surname, influenced by astrological beliefs, is a personal choice that should be respected. The addition of an ‘s’ to her maiden surname, symbolizing her astrological belief, reflects the same sentiment.” It may be noted that Divya previously spelled her maiden surname as “Khosla,” which has now been changed to “Khossla.”

Divya Khossla and Bhushan Kumar have been married in February 2005. The couple have a son named Ruhaan Kumar. Over the years, Divya Khossla and Bhushan Kumar have worked together on several projects. These projects, including Yaariyaan and Satyameva Jayate 2, have been produced by Bhushan Kumar with Divya Khossla either directing or acting in them.

Last year, in an interview with Times of India, Divya Khossla shared the story of how she met Bhushan Kumar. She recounted, “I met him at Anil Sharma’s house as he was doing the music of that film. He started messaging and hounding me. Sometimes, I would get four messages before going into the shower and by the time I came out, there would be four more messages. He invited us for his sister’s wedding in Delhi. My mom met him and liked him instantly for his humility and pushed me to get married to him. Despite his achievement, his innocence reflected on his face and I too liked that and I agreed to marry him.”

While talking about her husband, Divya Khossla added, “He is a very down-to-earth person, practical and very hard-working and I really admire the fact that he has dedicated his whole life to paying tribute to his father. He keeps so busy that till date, we have never had lunch or dinner together. Sometimes I tell him, ‘Why can’t you take an off?’ As a wife, I am very adjusting and want to give him his freedom and let him live his life the way he wants to. I don’t like that he doesn’t take me on a holiday. I would like him to be more loving towards me.”


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