Temples’ T Walmsley shares gauzy new single ‘Tommywood’

Aprilia Rine

Temples’ T Walmsley shares gauzy new single ‘Tommywood’
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Temples‘ T Walmsley has shared his dreamy new single ‘Tommywood’ – listen to it below.

The Temples bassist has shared his new song last Valentine’s Day, which delves into a smoky 80s synthpop-inspired instrumental. it is Walmsley’s first new music since his 2022 EP, ‘Viva Lost Wages‘.

‘Tommywood’ was written and demoed with producer Matthew Marcantonio (Demob Happy) in a budget motel in Hollywood, and narrates struggles with erectile dysfunction taking inspiration from country songs.


“ED is the last and final taboo subject and it’s still rarely spoken about candidly,” said Walmsley about the track. “It usually finds itself where expectation and anxiety come together. ‘Tommywood’ is about that place of safety you find in solitude; but acknowledging the need of more than physical touch to truly connect with someone.”

Its accompanying video also features Walmsley dancing around in a retro-inspired bedroom, complete with roses and zebra-striped sheets. Take a listen to ‘Tommywood’ below:

T Walmsley’s last solo music ‘On The Ice‘ dealt with similar themes of love; he previously said of the track: “Somewhere between ghosted and friend-zoned there’s an after-hours lounge which we’re all sent to.

“You’re in relationship purgatory, drowning your sorrows in an alternate reality; but the drinks are free. ‘On The Ice’ is a modern love song about never truly knowing where you stand; and finding relief in being frozen out by that special someone.”

Temples’ guitarist Adam Smith also unveiled new music in September last year, sharing his first single ‘Medicine’ and B-side ‘What’s Youth, Papa?’ under the name Foxette Moxy. More music from Smith is to be expected in the future.


In other news, Temples is due to release their new album ‘Exotico‘ in April 14 via ATO Records this year. It will be produced by Sean Ono Lennon, and have so far shared the singles ‘Gamma Rays‘ and ‘Cicada‘.


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