She faints on the Roma-Lido and looks for the people who helped her: “I want to thank everyone”


She faints on the Roma-Lido and looks for the people who helped her: “I want to thank everyone”


“I want to thank you all, one by one. Those who shook my hand, those who gave me back my phone, those who covered me, those who supported my legs and those who called the ambulance, without leaving me alone until the arrival of the rescued”. Cristina Vastola, twenty-four, has launched an appeal to ask those who helped her when she felt ill to come forward. contacted her, her desire is to thank those among the passengers and staff at the station who remained close to her, even putting aside their personal commitments.

“I collapsed against the other passengers”

Last Thursday, February 1st, it was around 8.30 am when Cristina was waiting for the Rome-Lido train at Casal Bernocchi, headed to a course. “At the height of Vitinia I started to feel strange, I was sweating, I didn't know whether to continue the journey or get off – he says – I started to 'see black' and a lady with whom I had spoken shortly before shook my hand. Then I I lost consciousness and in the stretch between Vitinia and Tor di Valle I don't remember anything. I wasn't able to sit down or lie down, because the carriage was full of people and I practically fainted, collapsing against the other passengers. When a boy arrived at the station, who then I found out he was a train conductor, he picked me up and put me on a bench. There were those who covered me by taking off their jacket while waiting for the paramedics to arrive, because it was very cold.”

“I didn't expect so much solidarity”

The paramedics then reached Cristina and took her by ambulance to the Sant'Eugenio hospital, where she underwent the necessary tests and the doctors diagnosed her with vagal syncope. Now the woman wants to publicly thank those who cared for her: “I don't know your names, I would like to thank you one by one. Who shook my hand, who gave me back the phone that fell during the fainting, who covered me with his coat staying in the cold, who supported my legs, who called the ambulance and who didn't leave me until help arrived despite personal commitments. It's nice to see that kindness and altruism still exist in the world and love for others. Life is beautiful, people are and in a world that daily pushes us to think the opposite, these episodes must be told!”.

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The post received many comments and shares and Manu, a passenger, responded to her appeal: “I thought about you all day, I'm the one who held your hand and told you to breathe, you scared me when you you are abandoned, how are you?” we read in a comment. An emotional question and answer: “In the confusion of that moment I remember your words perfectly – Cristina replies – I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I didn't feel alone, I'm fine now”.


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