Massacre in the family, the surviving daughter arrested for murder


Massacre in the family, the surviving daughter arrested for murder
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The 17-year-old who escaped the massacre of her family participated in the torture and murder of her mother and two brothers, convinced that the devil had entered the house. After days of silence, she herself confessed it to the magistrates of the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office who followed her, after the arrest of the father who confessed to the crimes, and had entrusted her to a protected community. Admissions that cost her the charge of multiple murder and concealment of a corpse and prison. It is yet another macabre piece of a mystery with horror contours: the massacre of Altavilla Milicia.

“The collective ritual had begun a month ago and involved the entire Barreca family and the couple formed by Massimo Carandente and Sabrina Fina. They were all prey to a mystical delirium”, said the Termini Imerese prosecutor Ambrogio Cartosio who, together with the prosecutor of minors Claudia Caramanna, coordinates the investigations into the killing of Antonella Salamone and her two sons Kevin and Emanuel, aged 5 and 15.
In prison for the crimes are Giovanni Barreca, husband and father of the three victims and his accomplices Massimo Carandente and Sabrina Fina, three maniacs with an obsession with the devil. “I believe in God and demons”, the girl reportedly told the prosecutor who at that point suspended the interrogation and appointed her a court-appointed lawyer. The only survivor of the massacre was therefore spared because she shared the plan and execution of the massacre.

The girl said that to free the house, her mother and her younger brother from the devil, together with Carandente and Fina, who her father had met on social media, they had prayed for weeks. Then, having no results, they would turn to violence, trying to force Satan out of the bodies of the family members. Together with his father and accomplices, the teenager tortured his mother, who was unwilling to move forward. The woman would have been hit with a frying pan, hit with a fireplace poker, burned with a hairdryer. “I would do it all again – said the girl – they were right”. Then it was the turn of the two brothers, who were also initially involved in the purification rites. Tortured, beaten, hit with electric wires, they were suffocated and hogtied.

“Behaviors have occurred on several occasions which have a distorted religious origin and which do not only occur in Termini Imerese, but throughout the national territory. It is useless to underline how many cases we have found that religion or certain roles inside the church were used for the purpose of sexually abusing minors. In some cases the abuse was aimed not only at sexual purposes but also at exploiting people economically and professionally. This time we are dealing with a tragedy that represents the maximum of human imagination”, denounced the Termini prosecutor.

“We make an appeal, especially to young people, to take action to bring out these situations. I know that it is difficult and complicated to bring out certain things but this terrible tragedy demonstrates that silence can sometimes be its own death sentence. The structures of the judiciary , law enforcement agencies and other institutions are able to effectively help the victims of these crimes”, underlined the Prosecutor. In the evening, a torchlight procession took place in Altavilla to remember the three victims of the massacre. An autopsy will be performed on their bodies tomorrow.

Torchlight procession to remember the victims, hundreds of them in the streets of Altavilla Milicia

Hundreds of people took part in the torchlight procession in Altavilla Milicia (Palermo) to remember Antonella Salamone and her two children, Kevin and Emanuel, aged 16 and 5, murdered by her husband and father, Giovanni Barreca. The silent procession, entitled “Many lights, one community”, started from Piazza Belvedere. The 17-year-old daughter who survived the massacre also confessed to having taken part in the massacre; today the investigating judge validated his arrest. A couple of Barreca's friends, Massimo Carandente and Sabrina Fina, are also accused of the triple murder.
Men, women and children walked the streets of the town in silence. The massacre took place in the house where the family lived, just outside the town centre. The Termini Imerese prosecutor said that many, even in the town, collaborated to try to reconstruct the horror that took place within the walls of the house.

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