Sinner: 'I won't go to Sanremo. Montecarlo? I feel at home there. I live better without social media'


Sinner: 'I won't go to Sanremo. Montecarlo? I feel at home there. I live better without social media'

“I'm cheering from home for the Sanremo Festival.” Jannik Sinner said this in his press conference in Rome. “It's a nice event, but I'm doing two days here in Rome after Australia and when I should go to Sanremo, I'll already be working, and that's what I like to do. That's why I won't go to the Festival”, he concluded.

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'The best thing about Munich is that there are so many players you can train with, the facilities are perfect. I feel at home there. I feel good there, I have a normal life, I can go to the supermarket with zero problems: this is how Jannik Sinner, in the press conference at the federtennis headquarters, responded to a question about his residence in Monte Carlo and the possibility of bringing it back to Italy. 'When I turned 18 – also explained the Italian tennis player, new winner of the Australian Open – I trained in Bordighera with my former coach who lived in Monaco'

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“The Paris Olympics will be a key moment for me and for my growth. It will be the first time I will play them. I will be happy to be part of it. There will be all the best athletes in the world who I can't wait to meet to get ideas positive”. This is how Jannik Sinner responds to those who ask him if he will take part in the next Summer Olympic Games scheduled for Paris this summer. “It will certainly be one of the most important tournaments of the year – he added – I'm happy to play them, let's hope Italy can bring home as many medals as possible”. On the possibility of being the blue standard-bearer he instead replied: “I'm not thinking about it yet”. Speaking instead of the other objectives of the season he continued: “This year's goal is to play the Grand Slams better. The first one couldn't have gone better than this (laughs, ed.). But the season doesn't end here, in fact it has just begun. Now the goal is to try, at each tournament, to go hunting. Then there will be good weeks and others that are less good.” On the popularity of these days he concluded: “The Australian Open is an important goal for me and for my team, you can feel the warmth of the people. I like it. But as I said, I'm the same guy as two weeks ago”.

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Binaghi: 'Sinner ambassador of Italian sport in the world'

“Jannik Sinner has just been appointed by Minister Tajani as ambassador of Italian sport in the world”. The president of Fitp, Angelo Binaghi, said this in the press conference in Rome. “I say it, Sinner drives me crazy – he added – That daily search for work as doctrine is what we too, in our small way, have and are trying to do. Like him, we like to consider these results, the ATP Finals in Turin and the upgrades of the Internationals, to grow further, we, like him, feed ourselves on data and results”.

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