Shah Rukh Khan’s Witty Reply To Jawan Dialogue Writer Sumit Arora’s Post

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Witty Reply To Jawan Dialogue Writer Sumit Arora’s Post

Image tweeted by Sumit Arora. (courtesy: SumitArora)

New Delhi:

Drop everything and head straight to Shah Rukh Khan’s X (formerly known as Twitter) handle. The star has given a ROFL response to Sumit Arora, the dialogue writer for SRK’s blockbuster Jawan. Sumit shared a picture of the superstar’s character from the film with the iconic dialogue, “Baap se baat kar. [Talk to the father.]” Alongside the picture, Sumit remarked, “When your dialogue becomes a part of your home decor…” He has also added the hashtag Jawan to the post. Well, the post didn’t go unnoticed. Shah Rukh Khan, in his signature wit, replied, “Maine bhi socha tha teri lines ek deewar par lagaunga. Itne lambe lambe lambe dialogues hain tere….itni lambi deewar hi nahi hai ghar mein!!! [I also thought of putting your lines on a wall. Your dialogues are so long… my house doesn’t even have such long walls!!!]” Too good, SRK, too good.

Before this, Sumit Arora shared a “thank you” note for Shah Rukh Khan on Instagram. He said, “Last three years have been incredibly beautiful and memorable in more ways than one. Writing dialogues for this super special film, working with a powerhouse filmmaker, working with an immensely dedicated team who put in their ALL in the film and then… this beautiful man Shah Rukh Khan. I don’t know if I will be able to say anything new apart from what has already been said about him. But all I can say is, that he is just magic of a person. A walking talking bundle of love.” 

“Anybody who meets him (Shah Rukh Khan), comes back feeling special. He is a star who not only shines bright but also spreads his stardust onto you. I have been privileged to watch his magic so up close, both, in front of the camera, and off the camera. And there has been just so much to learn…Dealing with every situation and every person with so much love, grace and gentleness. Giving equal respect to each and everyone. Always being so inclusive, and so open. So humble and always so witty,” Sumit Arora added.

Read the full note below:

Jawan, directed by Atlee, also featured Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi and Deepika Padukone. 


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