Sgarbi: by today I am sending my resignation to Meloni


Sgarbi: by today I am sending my resignation to Meloni

“I am not yet a former undersecretary. I have only announced my resignation but I still have to negotiate it with the government. At the moment I am still undersecretary of Culture, albeit with an announcement of resignation. My agony will be long.” Yet another coup of theater by Vittorio Sgarbi who, interviewed by a Frosinone broadcaster, TeleUniverso, on the sidelines of an event at the Bit in Milan, changes the cards on the table with an announcement that has the flavor of provocation after the long parliamentary back and forth that he had blocked the opposition's motion on his removal for weeks. But also the government's decisions, awaiting the Antitrust. Resolution made known last Friday with the consequent, and long-awaited, first announcement of the resignation by the well-known art critic. But no, everything needs to be redone and understood. With the sword of Damocles of the motion which still hangs over his head because, while awaiting the Athority, it had only been postponed to February 15th in the Chamber of Deputies but never cancelled. And the possibility that Giorgia Meloni, in agreement with Minister Sangiuliano, decides on the revocation of the delegations of the undisciplined representative of the Ministry of Culture. In this situation of uncertainty, Sgarbi then returns to the topic with a clarification to Zona Bianca, on Rete 4, stating that he is finishing writing the letter of resignation and will send it to Giorgia Meloni by today. And he adds: he will appeal to the TAR regarding the Antitrust resolution. In the meantime he will evaluate whether he will be able to continue as undersecretary in the time needed for the appeal. Even if the final decision to have him resign rests solely with the prime minister. Because the Authority's decision – he points out – is only a resolution and not a sentence. On Saturday the first extracts of the device that would hold Sgarbi to his responsibilities were released, as someone also commented in the centre-right. “He has carried out professional activities as an art critic, in matters connected with the government position, as specified in the motivation, in favor of public and private entities”, in violation of the Frattini Law on conflict of interest”, is the gist of the document. And it is enough to unleash the opposition and make the Democratic Party ask for Minister Sangiuliano's intervention in Parliament to clarify the whole matter anyway. The majority continues to keep a low profile in an attempt to dampen the controversy “It's his choice”, said Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani. While Gennaro Sangiuliano continues to entrench himself in the most rigorous silence, at least in public. But several of the parties in the government coalition comment, without exposing themselves, on the usual “Sgarbi-show”. The Democratic Party with Irene Manzi asks that the head of Culture explain to Parliament “the criteria with which he attributed the delegations to the undersecretary as the minister is aware of the plethora of roles and the numerous positions in cultural institutions held by Sgarbi, promptly listed in the resolution “. M5s leader Giuseppe Conte was also harsh as he took it out directly on the prime minister who, according to him, was guilty of not having intervened to put an end to a situation that had “damaged the image of Italy”. “The resignation of Undersecretary Sgarbi is a necessary and necessary act after the Antitrust decision. It would be a gesture of political and institutional hygiene – underlines the co-spokesperson of the Greens, Bonelli – if these were also followed by the resignations of Santanche' and Delmastro involved in embarrassing judicial investigations”. Matteo Renzi must be one of the many who were taken aback by the undersecretary's new outburst: in his editorial in the Riformista he underlined how, unlike other members of the Executive, he resigned, with this comment: “a dignity that in this government they really have in few”. But given the direction the story is taking he too may have changed his mind. As Action exponent Osvaldo Napoli did publicly with a lapidary phrase: “We're kidding aside.” And as Carlo Calenda added: “This unseemly pantomime must end. @GiorgiaMeloni intervene. Enough”, writes the Action leader on social media. While the co-spokesperson of the Greens reiterates: “It is urgent for Prime Minister Meloni to take a position, the decorum of the institutions is at stake, which are not a market!”.

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