Clash at the bar in Frosinone between Albanian gangs, one dead and three injured


Clash at the bar in Frosinone between Albanian gangs, one dead and three injured

A settlement of accounts between two Albanian groups created for the reorganization of drug dealing and prostitution areas, hit in recent weeks by a series of operations that have dismantled the previous command structure: this is the hypothesis on which the investigations of the policemen from the police commissioner Domenico Condello to shed light on the deadly ambush which occurred shortly before 7.30pm this evening in the Shake Bar on the central Via Aldo Moro in the lower part of Frosinone, which cost the life of one person while another is in very serious condition Umberto I of Rome and two others in the Spaziani hospital in the Ciociaria capital.

The victims were sitting at a table in the restaurant, the youngest 22 years old and the oldest 25. Two of them – also of Albanian nationality according to the police – arrived in a Lancia Ypsilon just before 7.30 pm and started arguing with They. After a few jokes, one of the men who got out of the car pulled out a gun and fired a series of shots in rapid succession, hitting all four people at the table.

Two of them remained motionless on the ground, the other two tried to take cover, while the two attackers fled on foot, abandoning the Ypsilon which appears to have been rented.

In a few minutes the police officers and the Flying Squad investigators arrived on the scene. With them, the 118 healthcare staff: attempts to resuscitate the most seriously injured man were useless. He was hit in the neck and chest and was declared dead after at least twenty minutes of cardiac massage.

The other compatriot who remained on the ground was taken by ambulance to Spaziani in Frosinone and from there to Umberto I in Rome in desperate conditions. Another wounded man underwent surgery at Spaziani: a bullet caused him to fracture a leg, while the condition of the fourth wounded man was less serious. The victim was identified and shortly after 8.30pm the relatives arrived in via Aldo Moro and the police accompanied them to the police station to try to reconstruct the context in which the crime occurred.

The prefect of Frosinone Ernesto Liguori has convened the Committee for public order and security for tomorrow morning with which to take stock of the crime situation in the Ciociaria capital after the ambush committed just before 7.30 pm this evening at the Shake in bar right in the center, where an Albanian citizen was murdered and three of his compatriots were injured by two people who arrived in a car which was then abandoned to flee.

“I’m shocked, I can’t say anything. For me, what happened is inexplicable. It’s a wound for the whole city. I can only confirm that tomorrow morning we will talk to the prefect” said the mayor of Frosinone Riccardo Mastrangeli a short while ago, who he reached the scene of the crime visibly upset.

Shooting in Frosinone, one person at the police station

A person was taken to the police station this evening and his position is being examined by the police of the commissioner Domenico Condello who are examining the images of the security cameras installed on the central Via Aldo Moro where just before 7.30 pm there was an ambush with shots of a gun in the Shake bar, which cost the life of an Albanian citizen while one of his compatriots is in desperate conditions at the Umberto I in Rome and two others are at the Spaziani in the Ciociaria capital.

The investigators of the Flying Squad led by deputy commissioner Flavio Genovesi are checking whether the man at the police station is one of the two who arrived this evening in a Lancia Ypsilon to confront the four Albanians who were sitting at a table in the bar, then shooting some in rapid succession gunshots fired at them.

“All the available images from our municipal cameras have already been delivered to the police. I am shocked by what happened” confirmed the councilor for technological innovation, Alessandra Sardellitti.

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