Schlein relaunches on cannabis: "Let's legalize it"


Schlein relaunches on cannabis: "Let's legalize it"
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“Let's fight together for equal marriage and for the legalization of cannabis.”

In the aftermath of Germany's green light for legal cannabis, Democratic Party secretary Elly Schlein decides to launch the challenge in Italy too. It does so in front of an audience that is very sensitive to the topic, the guests at the event organized by Più Europa in view of the next European elections. But his interlocutors are all the opposition forces, called to converge on a battle, which up to now has often been waged but never won. Also due to resistance within the Democratic Party itself.

The new German law was wanted by Chancellor Olaf Scholz's left-center coalition to remove drug dealing from the market. And the same objective also guides the Nazarene who is apparently looking carefully at collecting signatures for a popular initiative law launched by the “Meglio Legale” association. But it is not excluded that before long the Dems will also promote a detailed proposal to be brought to Parliament. The secretary of Più Europa, Riccardo Magi, recalls: “There is our law proposal already filed and there is the IoColtivo popular initiative law proposal which follows the German model. Let's take the battle to Parliament together”.

In the Democratic Party, after the strong tensions recorded in the third mandate, Schlein's statement on legalization and equal marriage did not go unnoticed and generated some muffled grumbling in the more moderate area. But, on the eve of the vote in Sardinia, the orientation of most is not to stir up further controversies: “We played the foil of silence until Monday”, quips a representative of the reformists. After the polls, possibly, we will talk about it.
In the M5s, the Bundestag's choice is relaunched alone by the founder and guarantor, Beppe Grillo, who exhorts from his social networks: “The German parliament has approved the legalization of cannabis and its cultivation for recreational use. And we are watching”.

The majority is blocking. “Grillo, Schlein and all their associates should be ashamed of their statements – says the group leader of Forza Italia in the Senate, Maurizio Gasparri – Evidently the opposition prefers to give drugs to children rather than promoting life, prevention and recovery “. Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani was softer but no less incisive: “I have some doubts about the idea that cannabis should be legalised”, “I have never smoked a joint in my life”.

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