Sardinia, Soru on Fanpage: "Pd-M5s Alliance cannot win against the right, I represent the alternative"


Sardinia, Soru on Fanpage: "Pd-M5s Alliance cannot win against the right, I represent the alternative"

Regional elections 2024

“I ran so as not to leave this region in the hands of the right for another mandate. The Pd-M5s alliance cannot win, Sardinia does not want a candidate from outside our Region. We propose an alternative based on green and digital transition on the one hand and on social inclusion on the other, putting education at the centre”: Renato Soru says this in an interview with

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Regional elections 2024

Twenty years after the first electoral race, Renato Soru has decided to run again as leader of Sardinia. He was already its governor between 2004 and 2009, in the meantime he was an MEP and founded Tiscali. Now it is back due to a lack of political proposal: on the one hand the right, on the other a Democratic Party in which it no longer recognizes itself. ” The Democratic Party has been completely absent from the political debate. It hasn't even proposed a candidate, accepting a Roman imposition – decided by the Five Star Movement – regardless of programmes, analysis of the context or ideas for the future “, Soru said in a statement. interview with

Why did you decide to run?

I held dozens of public meetings throughout Sardinia, while the center-left continued to lock itself inside, in the secretariats, avoiding a discussion. I asked to hold primaries, but no one wanted them. So I thought that Sardinia deserved something more than having to choose between a right-wing proposal – the same right now in government – and that of the M5s. I have never been convinced by this subordinate attitude of the Democratic Party to Conte's project: this alliance is not built on the basis of shared projects, but by giving Sardinia away and having a choice that was up to the citizens of this Region. Which should not be the subject of political exchanges, also because the M5S is a totally unreliable party: we see every day the slaps that Conte gives to Schlein and the Democratic Party . The M5s tries to join the progressive camp and continues to talk about the moral question. Those who governed with Salvini still talk about the moral question…

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I ran so as not to leave this Region in the hands of the right for another mandate. The Pd-M5s alliance cannot win, Sardinia does not want a candidate from outside our Region: when it ran for the European elections in Sardinia it got a handful of votes despite being at the top of the list. So we present an alternative to all these impositions and this is the only chance to beat the right.

What worries you most about a possible new mandate for the right in the Region?

Sardinia is a Region with a Special Statute and must underline its autonomy, especially at a time when autonomy is threatened by the Calderoli project. We risk becoming a special Region on the contrary, together with the other Southern Regions: we will have fewer resources and actually less autonomy. The Calderoli bill is nothing other than what was once called secession: now they call it differentiated autonomy, but the plan is always the same, that is, to divide Italy in two, with the richer regions on one side and the richer ones poor on the other, who will lose the resources to overcome the development gap

Giorgia Meloni has brought the decisions on special economic zones back to Rome, she is canceling the resources in the South by making them flow towards the Messina Bridge, which will never be built. The majority is continuing to drain resources from the South and bring them back to the North: their plan is very clear . We want to overcome the development delay through an equally clear project, very close to the European idea of green, energy and digital transition. We want investments in social inclusion and primarily in education.

How have the priorities at the center of your electoral campaign changed compared to 2004?

Sardinia has become impoverished in recent years. The themes that we already posed 20 years ago, which were the themes of the so-called Lisbon agenda, are even more relevant today. Today we all know that the first infrastructure to be created is education: we have a percentage of graduates much lower than the European target, an unacceptable level of school dropout. My first project, my Messina Bridge, is to build a school project that doesn't lose anyone along the way.

My second point concerns the environment. Sardinia is the green lung of Italy, because we have the largest Italian forestry heritage. We record the most positive balance in Italy regarding CO2 levels, in the sense that we capture a lot of it, while at the same time having low emissions: this element must be valorised. Then we want Sardinia to become an example of a circular economy: our goal is to become a totally circular region in 2030.

And finally we want to build an inclusive society, where no human being can be considered waste. The citizen's income was a purely welfare project, the return to the world of work and a dignified life was missing. We need to create large job sites, especially in the green and digital transition.


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