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Compact opposition against Rai CEO Sergio and Mara Venier who read the statement following the Ghali case and his 'stop the genocide'. A note from the PD members in the Supervisory Commission speaks of 'freedom of expression that is sacrosanct' and must be respected and highlights the 'bad page of Rai with the CEO who has elevated himself to judge the contents of a song and what an artist says on stage and Mara Venier who acted as his megaphone.

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The positions of Avs, Di Pietro and Orlando are of the same tenor, defining Rai's intervention as 'censorial obtuseness'. “What happened yesterday in Rai is serious. First the showpiece and then the censorship in the same program, Domenica In on Rai Uno” says Sandro Ruotolo, information manager of the Democratic Party. “The note from the Rai CEO, Roberto Sergio, read by Mara Venier – continues Ruotolo – has the flavor of an inappropriate and wrong tissue paper. We all agree in condemning the Hamas massacre of 7 October and we all agree agreement for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. It is not up to the CEO of Rai to interpret the declarations of an artist and impose his veil. And still in the same program as yesterday, having interrupted, as Mara Venier did, another artist who performed in San Remo, Dargen D'Amico, on immigrants because 'we are here to talk about music and have fun, it has the flavor of censorship', of a Rai that is increasingly at the service of Palazzo Chigi”, he concludes.

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Rai councilor Di Pietro underlines that “With regard to such important issues as the conflict in the Middle East and in response to the tweet from the Israeli ambassador in Rome, greater balance and collegiality would have been necessary, especially within the Board of Directors, I therefore believe that the press release read during “Domenica In” is at times improvident and partial. No one forgets what happened on 7/10 in Israel and the brutal killing of hundreds of civilians by Hamas, a horrible act that must be condemned without any hesitation. However, we cannot at the same time, do not take into consideration the now daily massacre of the Palestinian population, including defenseless women and children”. Rai councilor Davide Di Pietro writes it. “There are no deaths from Serie A or Serie B – he continues – and the Sanremo stage in particular has been and will remain available to anyone who wants to convey messages of peace, cohesion and respect; Rai, a public service, has its roots in the constitution Italian and in particular in article 11”.

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The president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa also intervenes on the matter. “A festival with a painful edge, that of having entered into the Israeli-Palestinian affair in a one-sided way. That is the worst element of the whole festival. The festival either did not enter into the theme or, if you enter into it, you must enter into it in a balanced way You can't entrust the theme to a singer who pronounces a one-sided phrase. Singers can say what they want, but they must be correct. Or at least there is the duty of the conductor to balance.” The president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa said this on Un Giorno da Pecora on Rai Radio 1, commenting on what happened on the stage of the Sanremo Festival.

“Ghali could certainly express his thoughts, but certain words then lead to raising the tension even more: in my opinion we must do the opposite, working for peace also means changing the language”. This was said by Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence, guest of 'Un giorno da pecora' on Rai Radio1.

Rain of criticism on social media for Venier, support for Ghali and D'Amico

Rain of criticism on social media for Mara Venier's hosting of yesterday's episode of Domenica In .

There are thousands of tweets from users in support of the words of Ghali and Dargen D'Amico, who intervened in favor of the Palestinian cause and in defense of immigrants. There are many comments that accuse Rai of censoring the two singers and speak of a “shameful page of public service”. What causes discussion in particular is the moment in which Dargen D'Amico intervenes to talk about immigration: “What immigrants put in to pay for our pensions – states the artist – is more than what we spend on hospitality”. Venier interrupts him, saying: “But here it's a party, we talk about music.” Then in the background the presenter can be heard saying: “You embarrass me, I won't let you talk anymore, because this is not the time”.

The statement from Rai CEO Roberto Sergio also came under scrutiny, accused of not containing any reference to the reasons of the Palestinians. Dozens posted the video of the presenter's reading of the note, criticising, in particular, the concluding comment: “These are the words of our CEO which we obviously all share”. There are many messages in support of Ghali, in which the video of his words to Domenica In is posted in response to the Israeli ambassador: “Since I wrote my first songs, at 13-14 years old, I have been talking about what is happening – underlines the artist -. It hasn't been since October 7th, this thing has been going on for a while. The fact that he talks like this is not good. This policy of terror continues, people are increasingly afraid of saying 'stop the war ' and 'stop the genocide'. People feel that they lose something if they say 'long live peace', this must not happen.”

Ghali conquers the card. Ravasi posting the song 'Casa mia'

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