Sanremo, from Geolier to Mahmood the trendy men's haircuts at the festival


Sanremo, from Geolier to Mahmood the trendy men's haircuts at the festival

Punk, bleached, straight back with a parting, good boy shorts, layered and short, with afro braids: in Sanremo the look has always played its part beyond the music. Clothes and accessories studied down to the smallest detail, but also innovative beauty looks created by make-up artists and hair stylists, are increasingly relevant to the narrative. And this also applies to male grooming .

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On stage we saw hair looks that have already become trends to copy : from the slicked back side parted – the hairstyle slicked back with a side parting, a timeless and versatile style, suitable for most men – masterfully interpreted by Mahmood , to 'very current wolfcut – the very layered and slightly ruffled cut on the front, worn short or longer – by Alessandro De Santis of the French Saints , with the classic executive contour – the cut in which the upper part of the hair is left long, turned on a side, while the sides and the nape are shaded, a haircut that can be interpreted in different ways based on the type of shade you want to achieve: from the classic 50s/60s business man style, to increasingly extensive and radical but with the fixed point being the reference to the rear Contour: the cut never goes beyond the point of the occipital bone – from Geolier to the more transgressive punk and grunge style of Bnkr44 to the colorful punk crests of the trio La Sad. Ghali sported afro braids.

Punk government, Bnkr44 grooming step by step

For all the evenings of the Festival, Gaia Dellacquila and Luca di Timoteo from Bullfrog followed the grooming of Bnkr44 , who with “Governo Punk” definitively won the hearts of Generation Z, but not only. On the Ariston stage among the Bigs after having overcome Sanremo Giovani, the group of very young people (they were all born between 2000 and 2001) formed by Caph (Marco Vittiglio), Erin (Dario Lombardi), Fares (Pietro Serafini), Faster (Andrea Locci), JxN (Jacopo Adamo), Piccolo (Duccio Caponi) and the artistic director Gherardo Stagi aka gheray0, has left his mark with his punk rock style . Exactly like the message of the song they brought to Sanremo, the 5 boys from Villanova, the Florentine hamlet from which they come, want to break away from standard canons and models with their look. An energetic and rebellious way of being, which also translates into styling.
The first evening hair look is inspired by the aesthetics of the 90s, a true melting pot of styles. From the grunge effect of Fares, a tribute to the iconic Curt Cobain , we move on to the spiky bleached punk of Caph. If JxN showed off a soft and natural curly mullet , Piccolo turned to a bolder color choice, fiery red. Rock attitude for Faster's jet-black caesar cut and pop glamor influences for Erin and her lilac buzz cut. The third evening was characterized by cowboy style, but always with a punk perspective. “For Fares, straight, wet hair, swept back and very natural at the nape of the neck. A small, well-defined tuft falls from the forehead in front of the eye. Wet effect, but not too much, also for Caph, soft tuft on the forehead and slight side parting . For Jxson we studied a super wet hair look, styling the hair back with brilliantine and mousse. The forehead is marked by a small rebellious curl”, comments Luca di Timoteo. From a soft and wet styling, we move on to more defined grooming, thanks to the use of texturizing powders, waxes and setting sprays. “For Faster, Mohican cut with a voluminous tuft at the back and a clean shave on the sides. For Piccolo, who naturally has a more imaginative style, we created a frame of very defined curls from the sideburns to the forehead, reproducing the shape of the horns on the top of the head. Some sort of punk cowboy, diabolical! On Erin we enhanced the pastel color of her buzz cut and played with the make-up,” explains Di Timoteo. For the fourth evening, Bnkr44 duetted with Pino D'Angiò bringing Ma Quale Idea, a funk hit from the early 80s, which inspired their styling, to the Ariston stage. “ Wet effect grooming for everyone, thanks to brilliantine and fixing spray. On Caph we modulated a slick back with a side parting, while Faster interpreted a rockabilly pompadour style. For Fares, hair with a central parting, soft tufts worn behind the ears and a defined natural curl at the nape of the neck. For Jxsn, straight hair on one side and curly on the other, a “pull” quiff and a wavy effect on the nape of the neck. Piccolo is wearing a hood, so we simply jazzed up the red curls with mousse and glitter. Finally, a flower of brilliant sequins created by Gaia Dellacquila illuminates Erin's buzz cut”, concludes Luca di Timoteo from Bullfrog.

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