Sanremo 2024, the first evening. Giogiò's mother moves Ariston. Mengoni is emotional, Ibrahimovic returns


Sanremo 2024, the first evening. Giogiò's mother moves Ariston. Mengoni is emotional, Ibrahimovic returns

Loredana Bertè, Angelina Mango, Annalisa, Diodato, Mahmood : it is the top five at the end of the first evening of the Sanremo festival . The ranking was drawn up with the vote of the Press Room.

The emotion of Marco Mengoni who gives Ariston a thrill by re-proposing Due Vite with which he won a year ago, the surprise of the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Amadeus , the touching letter from the mother of Giogiò , the 24 year old musician of the Scarlatti Orchestra Young, killed last August in Naples. These are the snapshots of the first evening of the 74th Sanremo festival, which opens in the name of popular nationalism with the anthem of the fanfare of the 4th regiment of mounted carabinieri, on the green carpet, with the mascot dog Briciola.

Clara opened the race. Following, Sangiovanni, Fiorella Mannoia, La Sad, Irama, Ghali, Negramaro, Annalisa, Mahmood, Diodato, Loredana Bertè, Geolier, Alessandra Amoroso, The Kolors, Angelina Mango, Il Volo, Big Mama, Ricchi e Poveri, Emma, Nek and Renga, Mr Rain, Bnkr44, Gazzelle, Dargen D'Amico, Rose Villain, Santi Francesi, Fred De Palma, Maninni, Alfa, Il Tre.

First skier at the Ariston, Federica Brignone also at the festival.

The Sanremo Festival kicks off with Marco Mengoni

“There's very little time left and then nothing will be the same as before. In a moment we will listen to the new 30 songs that will change our lives, at least for a while.” An excited Marco Mengoni , winner a year ago with the song Due Vite, kicks off the Sanremo festival. “We will love some, we won't like some, we will listen to some forever, we will learn some by heart, we will sing some at a concert. They will begin to be part of our days and we will no longer be able to do without them – added the singer, dark Armani suit without shirt, with some small uncertainty -: let's all take a breath together and let the 74th edition of the Sanremo festival begin.”

Amadeus: 'Let's start the party and the collective ritual'

“Sanremo is loved, I love this audience, I love this historic stage, being able to say welcome to the 74th edition of the Italian song festival. In these 5 years I have run out of adjectives to describe the joy of being here, kicking off the competition but above all to a beautiful party, a collective ritual, a 5-day party that will excite the entire country”, said Amadeus as he opened the Sanremo festival.

Ibrahimovic surprisingly returns to Ariston

Surprise return to Ariston for Zlatan Ibrahimovic , who co-hosted Sanremo with Amadeus three years ago. He enters from the audience and then jokes with the artistic director about the need for a change at the helm of the festival. “You are 61, I'm 42 and I stopped because I listened to my body.” “I'm here to protect you from yourself, do you remember the mess you made last year?” Ibra asks to go up to the royal balcony. “But Mattarella went there – says Amadeus”. “Why? How many goals did he score”, he replies. Then he goes to sit in the front row: “but if I see you tired I'll call the change, there's a row of presenters out here”.

Standing ovation at the Ariston, Mengoni presents Due Vite again

Standing ovation for Marco Mengoni at Ariston singing Due Vite , the song with which he won the 2023 edition of the festival. And the whole theater gets excited and accompanies him in chorus. “Coming back and playing live with the orchestra is too much, too much to describe it with one adjective”, Mengoni then comments with tears in his eyes. Then he goes to remove the metal mesh to “put his co-host clothes back on”.

Sad brings the theme of suicide to the Ariston stage

Colorful crests, silver rib cages clearly visible under the jacket and tattoos: the La Sad trio shakes up the Ariston with their song Autodistrutivo. And at the end of the performance the theme of suicide is addressed: three people go on stage behind the trio, who support Telefono Amico, with signs that read: 'It's not you, it's me', 'I don't know why I'm doing it', 'I I just know that I don't want to suffer anymore.' Then the sign is turned over and everyone says the same phrase: 'Not talking about it is suicide'.

And Fiorello unrolls his cloak 'Love, think of yourself free, it's the last'

The launch of Aristonello, the glass that moved to Sanremo, and of Viva Rai2! festival version is the opportunity for Fiorello to unroll, at the entrance to the theatre, the 25 meter mega cloak “Love, think yourself free, it's the last”. A quote from Chiara Ferragni's famous talking stole from last year (Pensati libera) and at the same time a reference to the catchphrase of the fifth and final consecutive edition for the artistic director. “To do all this stuff we used the budget of an episode of Bellama, just to make this cape”, jokes Fiorello, wearing a black dress and top hat, accompanied by the dance troupe and an explosion of streamers. And then a joke about the extra-large evening: “The Tre (last in the lineup, ed.) went to Rome to have dinner with his mother, he comes back to sing around two.”

Mengoni and the 'preser-bacini' for 'kisses with the same rights'. And he handcuffs himself to Amadeus, let's avoid Bugo-Morgan cases

From Cavallo Pazzo's anti-dive mat to Gianni Morandi's broom: Marco Mengoni arrives on the Ariston stage equipped with all the tools to prevent any emergencies at the festival. But above all it distributes 'preser-basins', transparent plastic filters to avoid the risk of new Rosa Chemical cases, and underlines: “All kisses have the same rights, you can kiss without causing a scandal”.

In addition to a mattress and broom, Marco Mengoni also arrives equipped with a net, to collect any scores thrown by the orchestra (as happened in 2010) and then handcuffs to prevent singers from escaping, a clear reference to the Bugo-Morgan affair, and ties up his wrist to that of Amadeus.

To know more ANSA Agency Giogiò's mother at Ariston: 'I dedicate the flowers to justice' – News – She thrilled and moved the Sanremo audience (ANSA)

Cutugno's voice at the Ariston, the orchestra plays Gli amori

“Toto loved Sanremo and Sanremo loved Toto. The Italian's words illuminate Corso Matteotti”, the street of the Ariston theatre: this is how Amadeus introduced the Festival's homage to Cutugno, who passed away on 22 August. “Tonight we want to remember him like this, with his original voice and with the orchestra” said the host and artistic director introducing 'Gli amori', from the 1990 Festival, with black and white images of Toto Cutugno in the background.

Amadeus remembers Roberto Rossi with the Sanremo orchestra

Together with the Ariston orchestra, Amadeus remembered Roberto Rossi, the record producer, musician and conductor who passed away in May last year. “We have seen him direct from which podium many times,” said Amadeus, calling for applause from the audience.

Fiorello sends his AI-created double onto the stage

Fiorello brings out his double created with the AI. The showman's first gag in the theater sees him as the protagonist in the role of one of his replicants who, violating the agreement that would have kept him away from the Ariston stage until the final evening on Saturday, reaches Amadeus and jokes with him until he dumps himself and stays immobilized. Fiorello appears on the screen, the 'real' one, who instead keeps the pact with Ama, and asks to take the fake Fiorello away.

Duck for Amadeus, the duet becomes a duel

Even the best make mistakes. After midnight, Amadeus stumbles upon the duet. Introducing BigMama, the host recalled how last year she had already been at the Ariston alongside Elodie. But the duet between the two became a 'duel'. “But what a duel, the two get along very well”, joked Ama himself, immediately realizing the mistake.

BigMama, at the end of the performance, lets go of liberating tears. The young rapper then hugged Amadeus and thanked the orchestra and dedicated the song “to my mother and my father”.

Ariston dances with the Rich and the Poor

A huge red satin bow wraps Ricchi e Poveri as they enter the stage and, 32 years after their last participation in the competition, they return to the Sanremo Festival, for the first time as a duo. Angela and Angelo sing 'Ma non tutto la vita' and the audience in the gallery goes wild and dances together with Amadeus who from there launches the next singer in the competition, Emma.

Dargen D'Amico, silence is co-responsibility, ceasefire

''I dedicate this song to my granddaughter Marta who is in Malta studying. But not everyone is so lucky in the Mediterranean: there are children under bombs, without water or food. Our silence is co-responsibility: history and God do not accept a silent scene. Cease fire”. This is the appeal launched by Dargen D'Amico at the end of his performance with Onda Alta. The artist had also – controversially – thanked Amadeus for the time. “High wave, low ratings”.

Amadeus jokes about the fine, 'I have to be careful'

“Of course you know that Sanremo is increasingly social, there are opportunities to post anything, I try not to use many terms, because I'm not social and therefore I risk becoming a boomer, but use social media. Then I have to be careful otherwise they'll give me a another fine”. This is how Amadeus jokes on the Ariston stage about the Agcom fine of 175 thousand euros to Rai confirmed by the TAR for hidden advertising on Instagram during the 2023 festival.

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