Sanremo 2024, the highlights of the third evening


Sanremo 2024, the highlights of the third evening

On the third evening, the festival re-embraces Gianni Morandi and Russell Crowe, launches appeals for peace with Eros Ramazzotti and Giuliano Sangiorgi, shouts enough to the white deaths with Stefano Massini and Paolo Jannacci, and finds the monologues again. The opening, however, is entirely in the name of Teresa Mannino's irony, which brings the comedy back to the Ariston. Here are the highlights.

Russell Crowe , who returned to Sanremo with his band The Gentlemen Brothers, quips on stage. “At my signal unleash hell”, the epic line from Ridley Scott's Gladiator punctuates in Italian, then she hugs Mannino screaming “Teresa” and when the actress mentions the other stars with Italian origins, she suggests “Travolta, what that fuck !” and mimes the 'chicken dance'.

For the 40 years of Terra Promessa, with which he won among the New Proposals, Eros Ramazzotti returns as a guest. He drags the theater into a mega karaoke, then launches his appeal: “There are almost 500 million children living in conflict zones, millions more who will never see the promised land: no more blood, no more wars. Peace! Our thoughts forever”.

There was space for a moment of reflection on deaths at work . Stefano Massini and Paolo Jannacci sing L'uomo nel flash, the story of a worker who dies in a factory explosion and leaves behind a few-month-old baby. “Work is a right that does not include death, protecting workers is a duty,” says Amadeus. And Massini: “There is a love that is never talked about, but fundamental, the one that we should have for our rights, those that we deserve, whoever you are. Long live dignity.”

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