Sanremo 2024: Angelina Mango wins the Festival with the song 'La noia'


Sanremo 2024: Angelina Mango wins the Festival with the song 'La noia'

Angelina Mango with La noia won the 2024 Sanremo festival . Then Geolier with the song I' p' me, Tu p' te, Annalisa with Sincerely, Ghali with Casa mia, Irama with Tu no.

A top five made up entirely of artists who represent the new generations of music and intercept market trends. “You are crazy, thank you very much to the orchestra, to you Amadeus, to Fiorello, to my team, to my family, thank you for coming”, said the 22-year-old artist, daughter of Pino Mango and Laura Valente, through tears.

It's been 10 years since a woman won the Sanremo festival: the last success dates back to 2014, when Arisa won with Controvento.

The Mia Martini Critics' Award went to Loredana Bertè with the song Pazza; Angelina Mango also received the Lucio Dalla Press Room Award, with 22 votes, and the Giancarlo Bigazzi Award for best musical composition. The Sergio Bardotti Award for best text was awarded to Fiorella Mannoia with Mariposa.

The avalanche of preferences sent televoting into a tailspin: artists and fans reported problems receiving confirmation messages. But Rai – after the appropriate checks – specified that the large quantity of preferences had been duly acquired and that no vote would have been lost.

To close his last festival Amadeus wanted his friend Fiorello next to him again: after the small hours with Viva Rai2! and the incursions at the Ariston, the showman took the stage with a revisitation of the Man in a Tailcoat on a mash-up between Domenico Modugno and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, with a luminous costume with LED inserts, with the dancers of the Company Ukrainian hi-tech dance from Kiev. His show ranged between the festival's booming ratings and the artistic director's decision to leave after five consecutive editions. “This man has done incredible things, he is doing extraordinary things, you have achieved 67%: you are no longer a party, you are a coalition on your own. This wins the European elections and takes the Eurovision, be careful.” “It's our last festival,” Fiorello recalled. “He needs rest, because when he finishes he will go do the usual unknowns, the parcels. Do you know who I'm thinking of? Josè”. And then, addressing the son of the artistic director sitting in the front row: “You've been there for five years, the Italians have seen you grow up in that armchair. Next year it's your turn to go to school. And as soon as the teacher sees you he will say : Josè Sebastiani, with the code 01, you are being interrogated”.

He let out a Wow when Amadeus caught him from behind on stage to prank him. And after the controversy over the Travolta case, here is the 'overt advertising' of the Armani dress and Il Ballo del Qua Qua to the tune of Farfallina by Luca Carboni. After the boos on Friday, at the end of the cover evening, and those of this final, at the reading of the provisional ranking, the applause rewarded Geolier's performance, while the whole audience stood up to encourage Angelina Mango, who slipped while climbing on stage.

The final passed away with a dedication, an appeal, a hug to the mothers in the audience. BigMama shouted her Anger is not enough for you “to all the insecure people, to those who feel ashamed: always believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and if you want to dance, dance”. Gazzelle dedicated his Tutto Qui to “Giovanna, a person I miss very much”. Dargen D'Amico sang Onda Alta and then kisses Mara Venier: Amadeus thanked him “for bringing joy and at the same time profound reflections”.

Negramaro proposed Ricominciamo tutto and shouted: “Long live music, long live freedom, long live peace”. Mahmood convinced with his Gold Tracksuit and then thanked “all the artists who gave us their vision of the world in a totally free way on this stage. Long live differences and freedom of thought always and in any case”. Ghali, who stands out with Casa mia, had the alien Rich who accompanied him suggest his 'Stop the genocide'. Emma's thoughts went to her father Rosario, who passed away in 2022: “He was the first to throw me on stage: I promise him that I will stay there as long as I have breath in my body”.

The Sad raised a green, purple and blue flag: “It does not represent political ideals, but the values of the fight against discrimination, violence, hatred, abuse and sexism. It is only the first step to change the Italy at its best if we all want it.” Mr. Rain left flowers on one of the Two Swings on stage, with a dedication to “all the people who have emptiness inside”. At 21, Sangiovanni understood that “defeat and victory aren't really important, but victory is feeling good or at least trying”.

Super guest Roberto Bolle , enchanting to the notes of Ravel's Bolero.

Gigliola Cinquetti re-proposed Non ho l'età, sixty years after her victory at the festival: “This song went away on its own, among the people, it became of the people, now it's as if it had returned home”.

This is the definitive ranking from 6th to 30th place : Mahmood, Loredana Bertè, Il Volo, Alessandra Amoroso, Alfa, Gazzelle, Il Tre, Diodato, Emma, Fiorella Mannoia, The Kolors, Mr.Rain, Santi Francesi, Negramaro , Dargen D'Amico, Ricchi e Poveri, BigMama, Rose Villain, Clara, Renga Nek, Maninni, La Sad, BNKR44, Sangiovanni, Fred De Palma.

Ciclone Fiorello between Modugno and Jackson with Ukrainian dancers

Fiorello enters the scene on the final evening of the Sanremo Festival with a revisitation of the famous 'L'uomo in Frack' on an original musical carpet, a mash-up between Domenico Modugno and Michael Jackson. Dressed in a bright costume with LED inserts, Fiorello was accompanied on stage by the dancers of the Ukrainian hi-tech dance company from Kiev. “To do this number I was in office all afternoon,” joked the showman.

Amadeus recalls the drama of the foibe in Sanremo

To the tune of 'Io che amo solo te', played by the Sanremo orchestra, Amadeus introduces the memory of the foibe. “Endrigo – he explains – was born in Pola and in 1947 due to the cession of Istria to Dalmatia he became a refugee with his mother. A drama experienced by many compatriots. Tito's militias carried out a mass massacre. She died in the foibe an incredible amount of people. One of the most tragic pages in history.” In Trieste, Amadeus recalled, “a train of remembrance was inaugurated to ideally retrace the journey of the exiles”.

Roberto Bolle dances Bolero at the Ariston

Perfection made dancer. The Ariston theater is transformed into a large classical theater and hosts Roberto Bolle, who, accompanied by 18 dancers from the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, performs Maurice Ravel's Bolero, for the first time on Italian television.

The 60th anniversary of Non ho l'età, ovation for Gigliola Cinquetti

To know more ANSA Agency The 60th anniversary of Non ho l'età, ovation for Gigliola Cinquetti – Gli Ospiti – Ovation at the Ariston for Gigliola Cinquetti, who presents Non ho l'età again, sixty years after her victory at the festival when she had only sixteen. (HANDLE)

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