Sanremo 2024: bomb alert on the eve of the Festival, over twenty Big singers evacuated


Sanremo 2024: bomb alert on the eve of the Festival, over twenty Big singers evacuated

Sanremo Festival 2024

Bomb alert on the eve of the 2023 Sanremo Festival: at Villa Nobel evacuated the people who were taking part in an event of the Mediaset radio group in which over 20 of the Big names competing were present, including Annalisa, The Kolors, Geolier and many others .

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Sanremo Festival 2024

Bomb scare in Sanremo : during an event organized by the Mediaset radio group at Villa Nobel – where over 20 of the Big singers competing were present -, on the eve of the start of the Sanremo Festival, a bomb scare forced dozens of people to abandon dinner. After an anonymous phone call, the road – Corso Felice Cavallotti – was closed and various police cars arrived and many of the guests were forced to return to the city center in evening dress. A long line of people, in fact, abandoned the place: “We can't say much, they just told us that there was a bomb threat and asked us to leave the place” commented some of the guests.

The story of a person present at the event

A person present at the evening organized by Mediaset radio – the group that controls the broadcasters R101, Radio 105, Virgin Radio, Radio Subasio and Radio Monte Carlo – told the Ligurian Region news program that, in the middle of the dinner at which almost all the artists of the cast including Annalisa, The Kolors, Geolier, one person approached the artists inviting them to leave the room immediately. “You must not go to the cloakroom, but escape, get as far away from the villa as possible. Many have left their coats inside.” Fortunately the evacuation took place without any kind of problem, only discomfort and fear for those present. The police have cordoned off the area, firefighters are on site and the bomb squad is expected.

The bomb scare inevitably altered the quiet that characterized the evening on the eve of the opening of the Festival, traditionally dedicated, as usual, to social events organized in various venues in the city.

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The bomb threat in 2023

A similar event also occurred during the 2023 edition, on Friday 10 February, when a package bomb was found in a street a short distance (about 700 meters) from the Ariston Theatre, outside the red zone controlled by the police. with gunpowder inside about ten bullets and a sort of fuse.


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