Valentine's Day between flowers and dinners, 60% of Italians celebrate


Valentine's Day between flowers and dinners, 60% of Italians celebrate
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Chocolates, flowers, and a romantic dinner. Valentine's Day does not betray tradition. And even if the cost of living bites, Italians do not give up on Valentine's Day: six out of ten are preparing to celebrate it. Between gifts (fewer) and table menus.

In times of price increases, the average budget also rises: 85 euros per person, as indicated by a survey conducted by Ipsos for Confesercenti on the occasion of the party. An increase in value of 14 euros compared to last year, but the driving force – for almost half of the increase – is inflation, underlines the same association. And the increase in prices ends up weighing on choices at the table too: one dinner in five this year is prepared at home to keep costs down.
In total, Fipe-Confcommercio estimates, there are 5.5 million Italians preparing to go to a restaurant : between red candles and ad hoc menus, for a total expenditure of 290 million, 7.4% more than on 14 February 2023.

In fact, therefore, this year too the romantic dinner is the favorite way to celebrate, chosen by 73% of those interviewed. A share that even beats that of those who give a gift, which stops at 61%. Only 5% instead focus on traveling with their partner. Among those preparing for a romantic dinner, the vast majority (69%) choose a restaurant, a trattoria or a pizzeria. But domestic meals are also growing: 22%, according to the Confesercenti-Ipsos survey, get to the stove to prepare a homemade dinner, saving money without giving up the party.
And often without giving up the gift too. Chocolates first and foremost, and then perfumes, jewels and flowers remain the most popular.
But there is no shortage of more original and now green gifts: on the gift list there are also those who choose the pair of trees to plant to celebrate the anniversary by also giving a gift to the environment.
Consumers, however, denounce the expensive Valentine's Day. Couples at restaurants will face average price increases of 3.7%, but the highest expense awaits those who give a trip or a weekend away from home: sleeping in a hotel costs on average 6.7% more than last year year, a domestic flight is 11.1% more expensive, while holiday packages increase by 6.9%. Same trend for gifts: the average increase that couples have to deal with this year amounts to 8% compared to 2023, calculates Federconsumatori.

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