Rita Trevisan missing since February 4, the carabinieri fly over the Baranzate countryside with drones


Rita Trevisan missing since February 4, the carabinieri fly over the Baranzate countryside with drones
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The carabinieri also searched fields and warehouses between Baranzate and Ospiate with drones, but there is no trace of Rita Trevisan. The 86-year-old disappeared on February 4th, but according to investigators she never left Lombardy.

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Rita Trevisan, 86 years old, disappeared from Baranzate on 4 February 2024

19 days have now passed since the disappearance of Rita Trevisan . The 86-year-old Baranzate resident (in the Metropolitan City of Milan) left home at 3.20pm on Sunday 4 February to visit a relative who lives in Ospiate di Bollate. It was her cousin who last spoke to her, through the house intercom, after which no one had any more news from Trevisan. Some reports have arrived from Venice and Bologna, but according to the Rho carabinieri who are conducting the investigations, the 86-year-old has never left Lombardy . However, not even the drones that were flown between Ospiate and Baranzate provided any useful information for the research.

Trevisan's disappearance after meeting his cousin

The investigations are coordinated by prosecutor Nicola Rossato, who opened a case on the hypothesis of voluntary removal. In fact, since February 4th, no evidence has been found to suggest otherwise, even if the children fear that Trevisan may have had an accident.

A few days ago the police, with authorization from the Prosecutor's Office, released a video of the 86-year-old walking in the street in Ospiate on the afternoon of his disappearance. The old woman, in fact, was going to visit her cousin in via Confalonieri. As she herself also confirmed to the children of the deceased, the two women spoke to each other but it was through the intercom . Since then, no one has heard from him again.

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Search dogs smelled traces of Trevisan near a bus stop in Ospiate . A driver would have declared that he had left her in front of the Sacco hospital on the day of her disappearance, but according to the police the time provided by the driver is not compatible and, furthermore, she was never filmed by cameras in the area.

The investigators' hypotheses

Trevisan has lived alone since her husband passed away. He receives a pension of 1,100 euros and has no other significant economic assets. Lately, the short-term memory deficit she suffers from has become increasingly difficult, so her children decided to place a camera in her house to make sure she didn't have any problems.

When she left the house at 3.20pm on Sunday 4 February, Trevisan had her mobile phone with her which, however, was turned off from the moment she crossed the threshold of the front door. It's likely that she turned it off inadvertently herself. One of the hypotheses is that the 86-year-old may have had an accident while returning from Ospiate to Baranzate, for this reason the carabinieri and firefighters flew over those areas, made up of fields, abandoned areas and warehouses, with drones , without however finding Nothing.


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