Renato Zero, after feathers and masks I now choose the essence


Renato Zero, after feathers and masks I now choose the essence

“At the age of 73, I still allow myself a few dance steps and make myself breathless after three tight pieces in a row. I feel an excitement that lies in the fact of measuring whether I am still capable of deserving the center of the stage “. New live adventure for Renato Zero, who with Autoritratto – I Concerti-Evento, returns among his sorceresses throughout March and for two dates in June (the 14th at the Arena della Vittoria in Bari and the 21st in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples) . Kicking off on March 2nd from the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, with six dates, then Rome with eight events at the Palazzo dello Sport.
A Self-portrait – which is the title of his latest album, released in December -, to retrace more than 50 years of music.
“A sort of coupon that each of us artists is required to take into consideration at least once every 5 years. During my career I ventured into Dixieland, I confronted the Funky, I showed off rock'n'roll: I have never missed anything. And on stage I bring this baggage that is always renewed”, says the Roman singer-songwriter before going on stage in the Florence that opened its doors to him five decades ago.

Renato claims the commitment he has always brought to his music, even when there were only disapproving looks and pointing fingers around. “I had to defend myself from the fuck you, from heavy slang expressions. I was made cannon fodder. Like when at 22 years old I wrote about pedophilia and was called a ghost hunter or when there were people around me who had little to do with their recordography. to do”, recalls Zero who has always wanted to be accountable to only one thing: “the public. You can do this job if you love people, otherwise not because they will soon realize the bluff. If I am still here, if I do still sold-out, if I allow myself to do a three-hour show even in the rain as happened at the Circus Maximus, it is because the public recognizes my truth.
This is what it means to be an artist.”

Long gone are the days of sequins, tight onesies and sequins, the artist is aiming for a more minimal show. “In the past my costumes have occupied such a strong epochal space that today, frankly, I almost demand a certain amount of nudity from myself. It is not always said that the richness of costumes and scenography is more powerful than an artist alone on stage. Perhaps it is show is more minimal than the others, but not because I offer less, but because synthesis is reasonably part of the maturation process of a man and an artist”. Also because for Renato Zero, at the moment “music is so standardized that when you have heard one song you have heard them all.

The concern of someone who does this job must be to participate in the growth of music itself.
We must start working again with the laborers of the rhythm and the vibration of the strings and not with a computer”. And so on stage with him “a large family”, made up of 11 musicians, ten choristers, the Piemme Project orchestra. “We are here, many of us, also to reiterate that we don't want to retire – he says with conviction, also referring to Claudio Baglioni's recent announcement that he will say goodbye to the stage in three years -. The most elegant thing as far as I'm concerned would be to get off the stage, on February 24th of 2027 or 2028, say goodbye to the seamstress, the stagehand, the electrician, and Renatino is no longer there. This fairy tale must have a light, sweet ending”. A farewell without fanfare, or “maybe an evening at the Olimpico for a nice farewell, even if I don't like the size of the stadium, perhaps because I have done theater with Squarzina and experiences that I like they pushed us not to lose sight of the spectator. There you only see tiny little things in front of you, you can't read a face, and I like to see how the public reacts. I prefer intelligible closeness.”
Like the one he expresses for the young people who have taken to the streets to demonstrate in recent days. “Renato is with you, I'm not in the Himalayas, maybe if I feel like it I'll go to the square too. With my music, with my expressions, I have demonstrated many times. Society doesn't change by proxy. The square, which belongs to the people, must be rehabilitated, let's all return to the square, with our faces uncovered, and let's take back these spaces”.

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