Regional Sardinia, Todde's day: 'The pencils responded to the truncheons'


Regional Sardinia, Todde's day: 'The pencils responded to the truncheons'
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The signal is strong and clear: the alliance between the Democratic Party and the M5s in Sardinia has broken through, no laboratory but the certainty that together the two parties can govern. Few believed it, Elly Schlein also said it last night from Alessandra Todde's headquarters in Cagliari: “there were those who didn't even bet that we would get this far”. But the outcome of the count says that the pact not only holds but manifests itself as a governing force. Here in Sardinia for sure, we will see it elsewhere. However, Todde's victory, with a gap over Truzzu of 2,615 votes, 0.4%, makes the new governor rejoice, the first woman to lead the region in the history of Sardinian autonomy. But also the Democratic secretary and the leader of the Cinquestelle Giuseppe Conte, who flew to Sardinia in the evening for the long electoral night which culminated with the celebrations for the affirmation of the wide field.

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Todde, who during the electoral campaign had not hesitated to define the government of Meloni & C. as “fascist”, appears at the press conference to say with conviction: “Sardinia has responded with pencils to truncheons”, clarifying that “to be able to create a solid project that can convince the electorate, the alliance between Pd and M5s is the only way”. From Rome, upon his return from Cagliari where he had already declared that “the wind changes”, it was Schlein who made the sprint to the wide field. “One thing is certain: the alternative exists. The direction taken is the right one, being stubbornly united bears fruit”, reiterates the number one of the Democratic Party, who then announces: “We will also be so in view of other challenges equally important, because today we have shown that the right can be beaten.”

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Romano Prodi, father of the Ulivo, has no doubts: “The more the centre-left unites, the more it wins, there is nothing we can do. It also won by discounting a diaspora (Renato Soru's solitary run, ed.), which was less successful than expected, but it was there.” Conte speaks of a “historic”, “unforgettable” day: Todde was the first female governor in Sardinia and the first regional president of the M5s. “Obviously, and also in a future perspective – he explains – it makes us think that when there is a serious project, there is work with communities, such surprising results can be obtained compared to expectations”.

And when asked if the Sardinian experience can be replicated, he specifies: “We always work to build a solid project with other political and civic forces, with reliable travel companions. We cannot make a commitment to the citizens if we have unreliable companions”, because this would lead to ungovernability and “we do not go to government to manage power but to bring about change”. A wake-up call in Rome has however arrived. Salvini is quick to say that “the government is absolutely solid”, as for the defeat of the centre-right, the leader of the League declares: “When the people vote they are always right. After five consecutive victories there could be a defeat. When you change a running candidate it's more complicated.” The Sardinian vote pushes the majority to come out with a joint note Meloni, Tajani and Salvini: “a defeat on which we will think together to evaluate the possible mistakes made.

We will continue to work, learning from our defeats as well as our victories.” Then the glass is half full: “We regret the fact that the excellent result of the centre-right coalition lists, which came close to 50% of the votes, was not transformed into in a victory for the presidential candidate. From these elections, therefore – they underline – there would not be a decline in consensus for the centre-right in Sardinia”. The weight of the coalitions aside, Paolo Truzzu, the mayor of Cagliari who was heavily rejected in his city (“more than voting for Todde, they voted against me “), admits defeat, calls the new president to wish her well – Giorgia Meloni will also do so in the morning – and takes full responsibility for not having achieved the objective: “I lost, not Giorgia Meloni, the national factors did not they have something to do with it”, he tells journalists at a press conference, while Conte continues to press the prime minister: “Put your face on Truzzu's defeat”.

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