PVRIS teams up with Tommy Genesis and Alice Longyu-Gao for for brutal new single ‘Burn The Witch’

Aprilia Rine

PVRIS teams up with Tommy Genesis and Alice Longyu-Gao for for brutal new single ‘Burn The Witch’
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PVRIS have returned with their new single ‘Burn the Witch’, a collaboration wtih Tommy Genesis and Alice Longyu-Gao. Check it out below.

The track is the lead single from PVRIS’ forthcoming project, which is due to be released this spring via Hopeless Records. It will be the follow-up to their 2023 album ‘Evergreen’.

The track features contributions from the Canadian rapper Tommy Genesis, as well as experimental DJ, producer and singer Alice Longyu-Gao, and was produced by PVRIS’ Lyndsey Gunnulfsen.


Speaking about the track, Gunnulfsen has said: “I’ve been a huge fan of both Tommy and Alice for quite a while so it was an absolute dream to not only have them on a track together but to also get to be crafting the production around their parts.”

The new album has been made with an entirely female group of artists, writers and producers. “At its core, I just wanted to make a fun project full of some bad bitches in music that I love and create a space where we can express whatever we want and get to experiment sonically,” said Gunnulfsen.

“I didn’t want to be overly precious about it, I just want to have fun and free flow! It should be noted that while there are already so many iconic and incredible female producers, writers, engineers etc. out there (I’m no trailblazer here), but there is nowhere near the amount that there should be. This isn’t even something to debate, go look at the statistics.”

PVRIS are set to embark on a UK, US and European tour, starting on April 24 in Hanover, in support of their latest album ‘Evergreen’. They will make stops in cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw, Brussels, Prague, Vienna, Milan, Cologne, Paris, Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham, and the first leg of the tour will wrap up on May 16 in London.

From there, the second leg of the tour will begin on June 1 in Santa Ana, California. PVRIS will then make stops in major cities across North America such as Seattle, Portland, Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Diego. The final show of the tour will take place on July 12 in Los Angeles. Visit here for UK and EU tickets and here for US tickets.


Alex Babinski, former PVRIS guitarist, said in January that he’s been cleared of the sexual assault allegations that led to his removal.

Babinski was accused of sexual harrassment in June 2020. At the time, he claimed the allegations were “100% false”, and said he was “determined to prove my innocence” and “taking legal action”. By August 26, PVRIS announced Babinski was “no longer associated” with the band, just days before the release of their third album ‘Use Me‘.

“I am very happy to now say the lawsuit has been resolved to show the truth and as you can see in the image provided, it states that I have never had any physical contact with my accuser,” he added.

“We never met, I never drank with her or had intimate relations with her and I did not encourage her or anyone for that matter to engage in the things she said I did. I hope now I will be able to take the steps to rebuild my life and continue on a journey to heal.”


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