Protest tractors, farmers in France near Paris


Protest tractors, farmers in France near Paris

Still dozens and dozens of garrisons throughout Italy. The march of the tractors does not stop along the entire peninsula, and in fact is strengthened with blockades, haywire traffic at the Brescia motorway toll booth, where the protest then continued under the Coldiretti headquarters from which no one wanted to speak to the protesters.
The alert today reached the border of Ventimiglia.
The A21 blocked, marches also in Cuneo and Novara and in the Alessandria area 300 demonstrators on the Turin-Piacenza route.
Mobilization also in Valle d'Aosta. In central Italy, the junctions of the Autostrada del Sole at Orte, in the Viterbo area, and the Valdichiana toll booth in the Arezzo area have once again come under pressure. Protests in L'Aquila until Friday. To the south, tractor parades in Puglia in the Foggia and Brindisi areas, in Sardinia at the port of Oristano (after that of Cagliari yesterday), in Calabria on the Ionian-Tyrrhenian state road in the Rosarno plain.
A continuous and unstoppable wave of discontent over incomes reduced to a minimum, the agricultural Irpef, the impositions perpetrated in all these years by the European Union, the impossibility of giving the land a future.

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A movement, however, which, after days of demonstrations, turns out to have different souls within it. A divided front in Verona, today the scene of the opening of the 116th edition of Fieragricola. There were around 300 demonstrators in front of the fair, with less than a dozen vehicles. A delegation meets the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida according to whom “there must be no farmers against farmers” and speaks of a meeting that “went very well”. The battles that Italy is waging in Europe “are for you”, Lollobrigida tells the protesters' spokesmen, like the one on cultured meat, “they told us that we would be alone in Europe, and instead 14 nations followed us”. Abroad, adds Lollobrigida, “we all play with the blue shirt”.
But whoever spoke to the minister “does not represent us”, says Danilo Calvani who leads the Committee of Betrayed Farmers (CRA) from which the tractor protest started on 22 January. In a statement published on Facebook he speaks of “a handful of opportunists who, posing as representatives of the farmers and the agricultural mobilization, 'deal' with members of the Government for their personal gain. The same false representatives, members of the parties that have been decimating the agri-food sector”.
The reply from Verona is ready. “We are not sold nor do we sell anything. We have made very specific requests which are what we want to obtain to save our companies.
Unlike him, who no longer has a company and so perhaps he will want to enter politics”, states one of the members of the delegation of farmers who met Lollobrigida, Giorgio Bissoli reporting that the minister “has made himself available to meet us also in Rome. We hope as soon as possible, but time is not in our favor.”
For his part, Calvani announces that tomorrow he will be in Calabria where sensational decisions will be made.
On the front of the three Italian agricultural organisations, for Confagricoltura “the protest of these days must be traced back to an institutional debate which sees us engaged every day at every level, in Italy and in Europe”, and announces the delivery of a document to the minister and a table at the ministry on Friday.
Coldiretti will be before the European Parliament tomorrow to ask to “permanently cancel” the obligation to leave 4% of land intended for arable land uncultivated imposed by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The proposal for an exemption on uncultivated land also by Cia-Italian Farmers is insufficient.

Farmers storm the market near Paris, 79 arrested

The revolting French farmers broke into a storage area of the general markets of Rungis, on the outskirts of Paris, where “damage” was committed, according to French police sources, specifying that the demonstrators were evacuated by the forces of the order and that 79 people would be stopped by the police. The Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, had warned the protesters that any attempt to access the general markets of Rungis, the most important wholesale market in France, would be prevented by the police.

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