Tractor protest, mobilization in Rome from Thursday, then the procession


Tractor protest, mobilization in Rome from Thursday, then the procession

“The mobilization will begin on Thursday. Our vehicles will converge at various collection points around the capital and next week there will be a large demonstration in Rome”. Danilo Calvani, one of the leaders of the protest and leader of the 'Cra Agricoltori traditi' movement, said this at the end of a meeting at the police station in Rome. “We still have to establish the details – he adds – but we will probably also have a procession with tractors” .

“One of our representatives will go on stage at Sanremo” announces Danilo Calvani, leader of the Committee of Betrayed Farmers, regarding Amadeus' words in the press conference. “We are in contact with the Festival organization to establish the details” added Calvani.

The tractors that were at the protest, organized by Riscattoagricoltura, left at 7am near the Valdichiana toll booth on the A1, on land near an outlet in the municipality of Foiano della Chiana (Arezzo) from where, for seven days, the protesters set up temporary blockades outside the highway.

The large group of around 250 tractors – this is the number of vehicles given by the organizers – moved towards Cassia, the route chosen to reach Rome where they will join the rest of the tractors coming from all over Italy. The estimated time of arrival is 5pm. The new garrison will be set up in the Nomentana area.

We will bring our protest to the capital – said one of the spokespersons, Salvatore Fais – we will move forward while waiting for concrete answers”. At the start there was a massive security service, with police, carabinieri, municipal police and Anas men. The atmosphere remained calm. The farmers loaded food and drinks onto the tractors and set off towards Bettolle in the Siena area to take the Cassia without any tension. No traffic inconveniences in the Arezzo area.

The slowdowns will occur along the Cassia route, which will in any case be monitored by the police. The procession will in fact be accompanied by agents, in particular by Digos.

“We are expecting around two thousand tractors for the great mobilization in Rome . Tonight, after a meeting at the police station, we will announce the date”. This was stated by Danilo Calvani, leader of the 'Cra Agricoltori' who is leading the protest. “Some garrisons have already been formed: in Valmontone, Civitavecchia and Torrimpientra”. And regarding the farmers who left Valdichiana this morning he explains: “It is an autonomous group. When they arrive in Rome, if they want, we will be ready to welcome them”.

To the south of Rome, a fourth garrison is being prepared, probably in Cecchina, in addition to those already active in the north of the city, in Valmontone, Torrimpietra and Civitavecchia. The date of the protest in Rome, meanwhile, could arrive earlier than expected because the meeting at the police station with the CRA Agricoltori traditi, initially scheduled for the evening, has been brought forward to 2.00 pm . Danilo Calvani, leader of the CRA, told ANSA.

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In the Caserta area, vegetables thrown from tractors in protest

Fruit and vegetables were first thrown away in protest and to raise attention to the crisis in the agricultural sector, then given as gifts to citizens passing by in their cars, many of whom were happy, willingly accepting the gift. “You are right to protest, it is also for our future” said a motorist, only a few did not want it. It is the form of protest carried out by farmers who have been protesting since Saturday 3 February outside the A1 motorway toll booth of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

Gianni Fabbris, president of the Altragricoltura association, leader of the protest states that “this country has sold its soul to speculation, to large-scale distribution, which determines prices and conditions that are unbearable for farmers”.

“We want a Made in Italy in which there are truly Italian products and the result of our hard work. Clear and transparent rules are needed for controls on the supply chain. The fairy tale that everything is fine here is enough – he explains – The Government must provide answers but yes remember that it is not just a question of money, but of where this money goes, also because the community funds of the Pacs have financed industrial speculation. We will not stop, the authorities are coordinating, but we are not making a mutiny nor are we asking for the resignation of the Government ; let's open discussion tables on the crisis and on the reform that must merge Food Sovereignty and the common interests of farmers and citizens”.

From Umbria and Orte to Rome perhaps from Flaminia

The Flaminia will probably be the road that the Umbrian farmers and those protesting in Orte will take to reach Rome on the day chosen for the protest. Speaking to ANSA is Antonio Monfeli, a farmer from Vignanello (Viterbo) who is part of the committee protesting for days in front of the motorway toll booth in the Lazio city. “This afternoon, in agreement with the Rome police headquarters, we will send the press release with the days and times of the protest that we will bring to the capital. Leaving today, for those closest to us and others in central Italy, makes little sense. We only risk losing time. The national demonstration will be held on Friday or Saturday”, he adds. “While waiting for the 'trip' to Rome, today in Orte we will hold a small sit-in to keep the demonstration and the protest alive”, says Monfeli again, recalling that “only the farmers garrisoned at the Valdichiana toll booth decided to leave independently for Rome”. “We, however – he continues – will move towards the capital when we are certain of the day of the demonstration and the route.

Those who leave from Orte will presumably travel along the Flaminia, as will Umbrian farmers. Others, like me from Viterbo, will most likely reach Rome from Cassia. We must define the final details in agreement with the police and at that point the picture and timing will be clearer, even for those moving from the north and south of Italy. For those coming from the north of Lazio, for example, the parking lot from which to move towards the center of Rome could be in Formello. Today I will do an inspection in that area.” Monfeli also talks about the request to bring the Italian farmers' protest to the Sanremo festival. “Amadeus' response, regarding our presence on the Ariston stage, and in any case I will go to Sanremo -, should arrive today around 1.00 pm. I'm confident. We want to bring to everyone's attention the protest of many people, but also of many young Italian farmers who risk not having a future.”

We continue indefinitely to the port of Cagliari

Sixth night in front of the port of Cagliari for the Sardinian farmers and shepherds who since last Tuesday, with their tractors, have occupied the space in front of the Customs gate. The mobilization continues: a notice has already been sent to the police for their stay for another few days. But the demonstrators are the first to continue to the bitter end: “The situation – one of the spokespersons, Roberto Congia, explains to ANSA – can only be resolved with concrete responses from the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lolloobrigida”.

A group of farmers and shepherds will participate in a meeting at the ministry in Rome on Wednesday. While a large group – 'at least a hundred', explains Congia – will be in the capital on Friday for the national demonstration of the movements that contest the agricultural policies of the European Union. In recent days, farmers and shepherds had staged a tour of the city through the city center and shopping streets to raise awareness of the hardship experienced in the countryside due to high production costs and financial difficulties.

garrison at Pirellone, 'The Lombardy Region help us'

The farmers' protest also continues in Milan: ten tractors with a few dozen farmers, coming from the Melegnano garrison, arrived under the Pirellone, headquarters of the Lombardy Region. After speaking with a delegation of Fratelli d'Italia, composed of councilors Christian Garavaglia, Maira Cacucci and Pietro Macconi, the farmers brought a cow (called Ercolina 2 in honor of the cow symbol of the milk quota protests of the late 1990s ) up to Piazza Duca D'Aosta. Immediately afterwards they walked under the Coldiretti offices in via Filzi. Two farmers were then received by the association.

“The Lombardy Region – explained the farmer Filippo Goglio, spokesperson for the Melegnano garrison – was very open towards us and set a table for us for late Wednesday morning” in the Agriculture commission. “But we came to remind them since there is still a day and a half to go: we will be willing to stay here even to the bitter end. And then we will parade under our Coldiretti union – he continued – to show that we are here. If they want to ally with us and come come down and make suggestions, they are also welcome.” This protest “is aimed above all at local institutions. The Lombardy Region must give us a big hand with the most imminent problems. In a month we have to start sowing – he concluded – and we don't yet have regional planning. So we need them to wake up” .

Garrison in Torrimpietra on the outskirts of Rome

A representation of farmers from the territories of Fiumicino, Anguillara and Cerveteri, with around twenty tractors, gathered along the Via Aurelia, between Torrimpietra and Granaretto, near the crossroads for Bracciano and Traglatella. They are on land on the edge of the consular road and there are no traffic problems. They display on the vehicles, in addition to the tricolours, banners or signs with slogans such as “Our end, your hunger!”, “Italy calls Rome present”, “Farmers are not for sale”. The police and local police are on site. Both centre-right and centre-left councilors of the Municipality of Fiumicino brought solidarity to the farmers.

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