Pioli is categorical about Pellegrini's expulsion in Lazio-Milan: "If they wanted, they should have done it"


Pioli is categorical about Pellegrini's expulsion in Lazio-Milan: "If they wanted, they should have done it"

After the Lazio-Milan match, Stefano Pioli returned to one of the most controversial episodes: the red card given to Luca Pellegrini who held Pulisic back: “The referee didn't blow the whistle, we certainly shouldn't have stopped the game…”

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Lazio-Milan was a match that saw several very heated moments, including the expulsion – the first of three suffered by Lazio – of Luca Pellegrini at the start of the second half. Stefano Pioli gave his version after the match, also recounting the argument on the bench with Maurizio Sarri.

An episode certainly conditioning for Lazio who found themselves numerically inferior and above all triggered the escalation of nervousness which then resulted in a brawl in the middle of the pitch immediately after Di Bello's final whistle. We are at minute 57 when Pellegrini tries to win a lateral foul, letting the ball slide towards the outside of the pitch while Castellanos is on the ground . Di Bello does not interrupt the play allowing Pulisic to win the ball back and continue the action. At that moment, he was visibly held back by Pellegrini himself who had already been booked: second yellow card and automatic expulsion.

Thus, strong protests broke out from the Biancocelesti players, given that the action arose from a fortuitous blow received in the face by Castellanos with Di Bello deciding not to interrupt the game, forcing Pellegrini himself to commit an infringement that would cost a lot both to the player and to his team. Nervousness that leads to the first hint of a fight on the pitch, while controversy also explodes between the two coaches on the bench with Pioli and Sarri arguing sensationally.

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Obviously we returned to the episode after the match when Stefano Pioli, the first to present himself at the microphones, could not avoid being asked the question about the episode and his face to face with Sarri: ” What did he tell me on the bench? Nothing , he told me 'The ball was about to go out'. But the referee didn't blow the whistle, what could we do? Pulisic is a more than correct player and he simply made his play .” This is the analysis of the Milan coach who then also added his own point of view: “I don't see why we had to throw the ball out ourselves… if this was the will of the Lazio players, they should have done it, certainly not us.”


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