Rally driver dies in the race, he was only 15 years old: because he could race even without a license


Rally driver dies in the race, he was only 15 years old: because he could race even without a license
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Driver Brooklyn Horan and his co-driver Tyson Jemmett lost their lives following a fatal accident during the Arcadia Road Rallysprint. To further shock, Horan's very young age, only fifteen, but no law was broken: in New Zealand you can compete regularly from the age of 12 while the “traditional” license is only granted from 16 years onwards .

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The world of rallying once again mourns the death of a crew following a fatal accident. It happened during the Arcadia Road Rallysprint , an automotive event organized in New Zealand. Driver Brooklyn Horan and his co-driver Tyson Jemmett lost their lives after losing control of their car and ending up drowned in a flooded river. The shock was further devastating when we learned that Horan was only 15 years old , an age which according to New Zealand laws is considered sufficient to participate in organized races but not to have the classic road licence.

A little boy and little more: Brooklyn Horan lost his life at just 15 years old together with his co-driver, a 35-year-old compatriot, on Sunday during a rally race in New Zealand: their vehicle had lost control and, after leaving the dirt road, he had crashed into a raging river. The immediate rescue team could only confirm their death on the spot . Horan himself was driving the vehicle when the accident disrupted the event organized by the Hibiscus Coast Motorsport Club.

Horan was a very promising young man and, despite his very young age, he had already showcased his talent in various racing disciplines , in particular by participating in the Toyota 86 championship. Son of art, his father Raana is also a skilled racing driver with a primary focus on rally driving, and had involved his son in his passion: Horan was racing in the family team at the time of the tragedy. Faced with the tragedy, there were countless notes of condolence and closeness to the family from all over the world of New Zealand and non-New Zealand four-wheelers.

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But what left us amazed, and further shocked, was Horan's very young age, only 15 years old and already firmly involved in professional rally competitions in New Zealand. A country in which the driving license is granted by law only from 16 years of age onwards but which allows young people, starting from the age of 12, the incredible license to be able to regularly drive and participate in organized events. The governing body MotorSport New Zealand has indeed confirmed that it regularly offers Junior racing licenses for competitors aged between 12 and 15. There are more stringent requirements that these junior drivers must meet” they explained, “but they can obtain the license of competition, while following specific restrictions imposed on the types of events and vehicles in which they are allowed to compete.”

Finding very young drivers driving rally and racing events in New Zealand is therefore nothing new also because some of the most famous and established current drivers, such as Scott Dixon, Liam Lawson in classic races and Hayden Paddon in rallying, have all competed well before their sixteenth birthday.


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