Small French municipality against cell phones in public places


Small French municipality against cell phones in public places

Ban smartphones in public spaces in Seine-Port. Or at least that's what the majority of a small French town of 2000 inhabitants would like. But such a draconian measure is not compatible with national legislation, so obviously no sanctions are foreseen for those who do not comply with the ban. However, the news is that in this small town 40 kilometers south of Paris, a campaign has started to urge people to radically limit the time spent with their eyes on their cell phones.

The so-called ban applies to both adults and children, whether they walk on the street, sit on public benches, in restaurants or cafes, or in shops.

A choice that was not taken autonomously by the city authorities but was the result of popular will: a referendum was in fact called on the matter and of 277 participants in the consultation, 54% voted in favor.

In light of the outcome of the vote, the mayor has already made it known that he will invite local businesses to place a sticker in their windows prohibiting the use of mobile phones. Furthermore, merchants are advised not to serve customers who are on the phone inside their stores.

In short, beyond individual behaviors which obviously remain free, what emerges is the desire to send a message to citizens to raise their awareness of the risks resulting from excessive use of the telephone. “The main objective of this measure is to fight addiction. Nowadays we can't take our eyes off the screens,” explains the mayor.

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