Piantedosi reports to the Chamber on the events in Pisa


Piantedosi reports to the Chamber on the events in Pisa

It is a “game that can become very dangerous” that of “removing the support of the institutions from those who risk their safety every day to guarantee ours”. Six days after the beatings of the students marching in Pisa, and the warning from the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella about the “failure” that these represent for the police because “authority” is not measured by truncheons, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni confirms the government's support for the Police and warns of the risks that could arise from a collapse of trust in those who guarantee security.

Words that arrive on the day in which two unrelated episodes are intertwined, but which it is instead the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi who somehow connects: the transfer of the manager of the Florence Mobile Department Silvia Conti – on whom they depend administratively the departments that operated in Pisa – who will take up service in the anti-crime section of Pescara and who will retire in six months, and the assault on a police car in front of the police station by the antagonists which took place in the afternoon in Turin. “An unacceptable act of violence” which is, underlines the head of the Interior Ministry, “symptomatic of the climate of poison and suspicion to which the police and the police in particular are subjected in recent days”.

Both the prime minister and the minister – who will give her briefing in Parliament today on the events in Pisa – therefore openly side with the police, because we cannot talk about them “only when something doesn't work”. Reiterating, Piantedosi did it in recent days and Meloni does it today, that “if someone makes a mistake, clearly they must intervene and sanction”.

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella called the Chief of Police to be informed of what happened and to express solidarity with the officers of the patrol attacked in Turin. The head of state also reiterated his trust and closeness towards the police. Immediately afterwards the president spoke to Minister Piantedosi.

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