Why do people weigh Easter eggs in supermarkets


Why do people weigh Easter eggs in supermarkets

Based on the weight of the egg you can guess the surprise that will be inside. The main objective is to find Son Goku in the Kinder Easter eggs but the hunt is also opening up to other surprises.

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Son Goku , Super Saiyan Blue version. Weight: 272 grams. Or at least, according to several TikTok accounts, this is the weight that the Kinder GranSorpresa Easter egg containing the action figure of Goku, the protagonist of Akira Toriyama ‘s Dragon Ball series, should have. With the death of its author on March 1 from an acute subdural hematoma, this surprise has become even more coveted.

According to the official Kinder website, there can be three surprises in the Dragon Ball series: Son Goku, Vegeta or Jiren. All these characters come from Dragon Ball Super , the anime that tells the events following the end of Akira Toriyama’s original series.

The method to find the surprise you want is simple . The weight of the chocolate egg is 150 grams . Each surprise has a different weight and so to find out what surprise is inside each egg, just use the scales that are usually found in supermarkets in the fruit and vegetable section. The main hunt concerns Dragon Ball characters but the technique is also spreading for other surprises.

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Supermarkets prohibit weighing eggs

Signs displayed by supermarkets prohibiting the weighing of Easter eggs are now also circulating on social media. But can they do it? Massimiliano Dona , a lawyer expert in consumer rights, explained that supermarkets can prohibit the use of scales in the fruit and vegetable section to weigh things other than fruit and vegetables.

The reasons can be various, from hygiene risks to the possibility of creating queues. What they cannot forbid, however, is allowing the customer to weigh the products he wants to purchase . If you want to be sure of finding exactly your surprise then the best thing is to bring a scale from home .

KINDER | The surprises of Dragon Ball Super

KINDER | The surprises of Dragon Ball Super

How much do the Dragon Ball characters weigh in the Kinder GranSorpresa

There is no official version of the weight of each surprise . Several TikTok accounts tried to reconstruct it by weighing pallets of eggs. The difference is really minimal. Generally speaking, the lightest surprise is Vegeta, the heaviest Jiren. Goku is exactly in the middle. In terms of grams the proportion should be: Vegeta 255 grams, Goku 272 grams and Jiren 275 grams.


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