Beijing pressuring Israel: 'Stop the military operation in Rafah'


Beijing pressuring Israel: 'Stop the military operation in Rafah'

China has called on Israel to stop the military operation in Rafah “as soon as possible.” A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated this in a statement.
“China… opposes and condemns actions that harm civilians and violate international law,” the statement said. Beijing urges Israel to “stop its military operations as soon as possible and make every effort to avoid innocent civilian casualties… to prevent a more serious humanitarian disaster in the Rafah area.”

Yesterday the Israeli army, with a special forces blitz, freed two hostages kidnapped by Hamas on 7 October in Rafah, in the south of the Strip. The latter had said they had been held 'in a family's house', while Hamas had instead announced the death of three others kidnapped in the bombings. And he said that at least one hundred people had died in the Israeli raids.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , who had given the green light to the action in recent days, called the blitz “one of the most successful rescue operations in the history of Israel”. For Defense Minister Yoav Gallant , the operation represented “a turning point in the campaign against the Hamas terrorist organization which is vulnerable and penetrable”.

American President Joe Biden furious with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for the military campaign in Gaza. According to NBC, he and his collaborators also indulged in insults. 'Enough is enough, the Jewish state must stop', Great Britain and the EU also said.

Clash in Holland on F35s. High tension also between Israel and the UN, after Francesca Albanese, envoy of the Human Rights Council, was denied access to the country. Meanwhile, the speaker of the US House – Mike Johnson – announced that the Republicans will not vote on the bill on Ukraine as it was presented in the Senate.

New attack by the Houthis against a merchant ship in the Red Sea

A Greek-owned merchant ship was hit yesterday by Houthi rebels while sailing in the Red Sea and suffered minor damage: the forces of the United States Central Command (Centcom) announced this on X. The Houthis launched two missiles from areas of Yemen under their control towards the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, the message said. Both missiles were aimed at the MV Star Iris, a Marshall Islands-flagged merchant ship carrying corn to Iran from Brazil. No one was injured on board the ship, which resumed sailing.

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