Fear in Naples, sinkhole in the road swallows two cars


Fear in Naples, sinkhole in the road swallows two cars
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Tragedy almost occurred at dawn, in the Vomero district of Naples, where two cars, one parked and another in transit, were swallowed up by a chasm that opened in the San Martino area, precisely at number 63 in via Morghen. The occupants of the cars did not suffer serious consequences. They were rescued by two Army soldiers, engaged in the area for the “Safe Roads” service. The soldiers who were not far away lowered themselves into the chasm and opened the doors of the car, allowing the unfortunate people to get out and then get back in.
According to what was learned, the sinkhole opened around five this morning. Rescue services immediately arrived on site, with local police, firefighters, 118 and civil protection. According to initial reports, only minor injuries and a big scare for the passengers of the car in transit, who managed to get out of the car independently. The area has been cordoned off.

From the first checks it appears that the sewer has collapsed and the water supply pipeline is broken and has been closed. The water supply has therefore been interrupted in the San Martino area and from Piazza Vanvitelli upwards.
In via Kerbaker, below the site of the collapse, there was a copious leakage of water from some terraces and some apartments were flooded. Even in via Solimena, where a water main collapsed recently, there is a copious leak of water.
On site, in addition to the Fire Brigade, the Local Police, 118 and ABC teams were present.

For precautionary reasons, it would have been necessary to evacuate the building in via Morghen 63 in Naples, on the corner with via Bonito, in front of which the sinkhole opened. This was announced by the lawyer Angelo Pisani, president of NoiConsumatori.it.
“It's not the first time that an episode like this has happened in Naples,” says Pisani, who lives in the immediate vicinity of the place where the disaster occurred.
“The road was closed temporarily – he says – I wonder why careful and thorough monitoring of the area, of our roads and of safety was not carried out”.
“Traffic in the Vomero area is constantly haywire – says the president of NoiConsumatori.it – Citizens no longer feel safe walking between potholes, ditches and chasms. We need experts who, with a plan in hand, must map out the the entire area and secure the subsoil with specialized companies.”
“There are no constant controls and the water – concludes Pisani – continues to infiltrate into the subsoil, creating enormous damage.
This time the dust that you put under the carpet came to the surface and revealed itself as an enormous chasm that could have caused deaths and injuries.”

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