Park Min-young says ‘Marry My Husband’ helped her out of a “dark” period of her life

Aprilia Rine

Park Min-young says ‘Marry My Husband’ helped her out of a “dark” period of her life
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Marry My Husband star Park Min-young has opened up about how starring in the series has helped her out of a “dark” period of her life.

Park Min-young spoke about how the series has been like “medicine” for her, following a two-year absence from the entertainment industry. In late 2022, the singer was caught up in a scandal involving her ex-boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun, a businessman alleged to have been involved in “illegal activities”.

The actress described the past two years of her life as “a long and dark tunnel” in an interview with The Korea Times. “It took me time to realise and admit that I’ve made a mistake,” she added. “But apologising and saying ‘I’ll do my best as an actor so this won’t happen again’ are not something to be ashamed of.”


Park Min-young then explained how she hoped to “break the ice and come out to the world” with Marry My Husband, saying that she “can’t hide forever”. She added: “[The show is] meaningful because it helped me to go back to the mindset when I first started [acting].”

She then touched on how the K-drama’s theme of “second chances” had resonated with her, saying that it also can “overcome language barriers” with the series’ popularity outside of South Korea. “After going through that huge issue, if I am given a new chance, I want to genuinely cherish myself,” she added.

Marry My Husband is available on Prime Video internationally, with the exception of South Korea and China. In a glowing four-star review, NME described the series as “deliciously melodramatic [and] immensely addictive”.


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