Paramore share video for ‘Thick Skull’ and speak out on their next chapter

Aprilia Rine

Paramore share video for ‘Thick Skull’ and speak out on their next chapter

Paramore have unveiled a music video for ‘Thick Skull’ and spoken more about their future as a band.

The video was directed by Turnstile frontman Brendan Yates, who also directed the video for ‘This Is Why’, and the storyline continues that video’s narrative. This time around, she’s being transported somewhere in the back of a van and the journey ends in disaster.

‘Thick Skull’ is the final track to appear on the band’s sixth album ‘This Is Why‘, which was released last year. In a five-star review of the LP, NME shared: “Paramore are reaching to where, finally, their music has wanted to get to for the best part of the past decade. Rather than try to top their peerless anthems, the band have instead uncovered a new warmth on ‘This Is Why’, and the effect is triumphant indeed.”


Check out the video below:

In addition, frontwoman Hayley Williams wrote a lengthy statement about what’s coming next for the band, possibly referring to the imagery in the video by saying that Paramore have “crashed the van”.

“I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to be in a band,” she began. “I knew not joining forces with similarly crazed people might mean I’d never be brave enough to create things and even if I did, I may never risk sharing them. Selfish? Maybe. Or lonely? Maybe to ‘leave the house’ is a metaphor for risking true vulnerability.

“This job includes being a mirror or a blank screen for people to project onto and find themselves in. Being perceived in broad strokes will make you feel like a clown. Goofy and/or terrifying, depending on the day.

She continued: “But as I’ve grown up, I’ve felt myself, little by little, let go of the tireless need for people to see me as ‘good’. Indeed, everyday I learn there is no such box to fit neatly into. It’s taken a lot of hard looks in the mirror, over many seasons of adulthood… but no longer do I question my ability to lead Paramore with integrity (and a healthy dose of dark and self-deprecating humor).


“And just like a house can be a metaphor, so can a band. Paramore has been the vehicle by which me and my friends have learned our toughest lessons. It has kept us close and it has nearly killed us. You also have these metaphors in your life: What holds you back— what gives you courage— what force compels you to grow even when it’s uncomfortable or embarrassing.

“(As for Paramore, the band, not the metaphor: We have crashed the van. We’re finding new ways. We have new maps. We are starting from point zero. And this time, we’re reading the fine print.)

Love to the ones who’ve needed our band the way we’ve needed it. Just know we are grateful.”

Williams revealed last month that Paramore was “freshly independent” after finishing their deal with Atlantic.

In other news, they refused to accept their Tennessee State Honour in solidarity with Allison Russell.

it was reported that the House Republican Caucus Chair of Tennessee Jeremy Faison blocked the state’s resolution to honour Allison Russell – but not Paramore. Both won Grammys earlier this month; Paramore won Best Rock Album and Best Alternative Music Performance, whilst Russell was crowned with the Best American Roots Performance with her song ‘Eve Was Black’. The Caucus Chair did not give a reason for his decision.

They also gave a statement to The Tennessean, in which lead singer Hayley Williams said: “The blatant racism of our state leadership is embarrassing and cruel. Myself, as well as Paramore, will continue to encourage young people to show up to vote with equality in mind.”


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