Palermo, blitz by carabinieri and police against mafia gangs: 8 arrests, they were managing extortion and drugs


Palermo, blitz by carabinieri and police against mafia gangs: 8 arrests, they were managing extortion and drugs


Men of the Flying Squad and the SCO of Palermo, delegated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Sicilian capital, coordinated by the prosecutor Maurizio De Lucia, arrested 8 people accused, in various capacities, of mafia association, extortion aggravated by the mafia method, trafficking of drugs and illegal possession of weapons.

The names of those arrested

The following were placed in handcuffs: Alessio Salvo Caruso, 28 years old, still hospitalized and seriously injured during last Monday's ambush in which Giancarlo Romano lost his life; Giuseppe Arduino, 54 years old; Giuseppe Chiarello, 48 years old; Damiano Corrao, alias “kiss kiss”, 62 years old; Francesco Farina, 70 years old; Sebastiano Giordano, 63 years old; Antonio Mazzè, 57 years old; Settimo Turturella, 53 years old and Vincenzo Vella, 58 years old.

The illicit activities revealed in the investigation

The investigation concerns the mafia families of the Palermo district of Brancaccio, Roccella-Guarnaschelli and Corso dei Mille and brings to light the new organizational structures of the clans. In addition to identifying the representatives of the district, who would have taken over the management of the main illicit activities after the arrests of the old bosses, the investigation has ascertained several cases of extortion from commercial activities in the area, tightened by the grip of the mafia which controlled from the hotels to the workshops mechanics, to the street food vendor. The clans also managed the drug dealing squares, especially in the Sperone district, where the mafia controlled the supply channels of the narcotic and collected protection money on the sale of drugs and also controlled clandestine online betting.

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The murder of boss Giancarlo Romano

It is precisely in this context that last week the murder of Sperone boss Giancarlo Romano took place, killed over issues relating to extortion on online betting. Romano was involved in the investigation that today led to the arrests: the investigators had ascertained his role within the clan. His killers were arrested shortly after the crime and are in prison.

According to what has been ascertained, on the day Romano was killed he had gone to claim the fee imposed on the Mira family who managed the betting ring.


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