Father rapes his 2 minor daughters for years: 45-year-old arrested thanks to the girls' classmates


Father rapes his 2 minor daughters for years: 45-year-old arrested thanks to the girls' classmates
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A 45-year-old man allegedly abused his two minor daughters for years. Thanks to the testimonies of the girls' classmates, the Carabinieri of Treviglio (Bergamo) gathered enough clues to arrest him for sexual assault.

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A 45-year-old was arrested for sexual assault against his minor daughters who lived with him. The investigations by the Carabinieri of the Treviglio Company began in March last year and had a turning point when the classmates of one of the victims spoke about their friend's difficulties to their parents. The Bergamo Police Headquarters had been seeking evidence on the alleged abuses that the man was committing since 2021, but due to the fear of his wife and daughters, precise confirmations had never arrived. Thanks to the testimonies, however, the military managed to obtain elements and clues regarding the repeated acts of violence committed by the 45-year-old who was then taken to prison.

The abuse began when the girls were just 6 years old

According to what was reconstructed by the Treviglio police, the 45-year-old subjected his two daughters to sexual abuse since they were just 6 years old . An escalation of behavior that led him to commit violence of all kinds against the two girls. The man, in fact, took advantage of the moments in which one of the two was left alone to take advantage of her .

At night or during the day, the 45-year-old abused them: he did not recognize them as his daughters, but only as objects of sexual desire . To facilitate the violence, the man used to give them money , thus buying their silence.

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The stories of the friends and the arrest of the 45 year old

Already in 2021, the Police Headquarters tried to seek confirmation of these abuses, however, finding in the girls and their mother (as well as the 45-year-old's wife) a wall made of fears such as that of being discovered by the man. The turning point came when some of a victim's classmates spoke about their friend's difficulties with her parents.

Thus, starting from March 2023, the carabinieri began to collect these testimonies which spoke of repeated violence by the child's parent. In the end, the two girls who had now become teenagers were heard in a protected hearing with the support of the psychologist and their mother also filed a complaint against her husband for the sexual violence suffered by her daughters.

The 45-year-old, Romanian citizen, was reached in recent days at his home. The police arrested him on charges of sexual assault and, after notification of the custody order issued by the investigating judge, took him to prison in Bergamo.


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